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UFC On Fox 2 Results Recap: Joey Beltran Vs. Lavar Johnson

Lavar Johnson at UFC on Fox 2 by Esther Lin
Lavar Johnson at UFC on Fox 2 by Esther Lin

In preliminary Heavyweight action, Lavar Johnson defeated Joey Beltran via knock out. The stoppage came at 4:24 in the first round. Lavar Johnson was making his UFC debut and picks up his first win in three fights. He is now 1-0 in the UFC and 16-5 in his career. Joey Beltran drops to 13-7 in his career and 3-4 in the UFC.

There weren't many expectations for this to be a fight displaying highly technical skills in MMA. Joey Beltran has found himself in the role of 'heavy-handed heavyweight brawler' and has lived up to that title. Lavar Johnson dropped Beltan with a body shot and just swarmed with jabs and combinations before ending the fight with uppercuts.

What was the high spot of this fight?

The series of uppercuts that stopped Joey Beltran for the first time in his UFC career. It was brutal and showcased Lavar Johnson's incredibly heavy hands.

Where do these guys go from here?

I didn't give Lavar Johnson a fair shake coming into this fight. He entered the UFC on a two fight losing streak and just hasn't really impressed me outside of his ridiculous knockout power. Well, he showed improved footwork and technical striking before finishing Beltran. I'd love to see him a Pat Barry or Stefan Struve and see if he can hang in the division.

Joey Beltran is in an interesting spot. The only thing that was impressive about his performance on Saturday night was his toughness. That will only get him so far. On the other hand the UFC's heavyweight division is still incredibly shallow and there's always a need for a warm body. He likely won't be cut because the UFC loves cheap entertaining fighters and Beltran is both of those things.

Watch it now, later or never?

Later. It was entertaining and the finish was awesome, but it was still a sloppy heavyweight fight.

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