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UFC On Fox 2 Results: Chael Sonnen Pays Homage To 'Superstar' Billy Graham

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Following his unanimous decision victory over Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox in Chicago, Chael Sonnen took the opportunity to cut another promo. For those that grew up as professional wrestling fans, the promo seemed like something they had heard before. Those instincts were correct as Sonnen was playing homage to 'Superstar' Billy Graham.

Joe Rogan, tonight is not for questions for me, this is your night brother. I want to know how you feel being only inches away from greatness. I want you to tell everybody how it feels. Are you not mesmerized? Do you not have chills going up your spine for the first time on Fox for you to be here in Chael's octagon on Chael's channel holding Chael's microphone interviewing Chael.

While you're thinking about that, remember this: when you're the greatest fighter in the world today they've got a name for you. They don't call you a great fighter they call you Chael Sonnen! Beat me if you can.

Billy Graham's promo after the jump...

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