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UFC On Fox 2 Results: Rashad Evans Earns Title Shot With Win Over Phil Davis

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Rashad Evans defeats Phil Davis by Unanimous Decision. All three judges scored the fight 50-45.

Phil Davis was the first to commit to the attack with kicks though none of them landed to Rashad's body. Davis slipped following a kick and Evan's swarmed. Davis attempted a takedown but Rashad defended with a front headlock. Rashad had trouble finding his range though he did land a solid counter left hook. Another failed takedown from Phil Davis was stuffed by Rashad Evans. A lazy body kick from Phil Davis resulted in a Rashad Evans takedown. Rashad was able to stay heavy from the top as he attempted to pass to side control. Rashad secures the mounted crucifix and rained down punches with 30 seconds left in the round. The round ends with Rashad Evans maintaining controlling position.

Head kick from Phil Davis to open the second round failed as Rashad Evans backed away. The two fighters clinched and traded knees in the center of the octagon. Rashad pressed the action with punches and then closed the distance quickly to clinch against the fence. Again the fighters trade in the center of the cage with Evan's the clear winner of the exchanges. Thirty seconds left in the third and Rashad caught a kick to the body and took the fight to the ground.

The third round began with both fighters pawing out punches to keep their range. Davis shot a low single leg takedown and was stuffed by Rashad. Davis continued to push forward and got Rashad to the ground. Evans hit a switch and took Phil Davis' back with both hooks in. Rashad let go of both hooks as Davis was looking to reverse the position. Phil Davis was able to complete a takedown after Rashad landed several punches to his grill piece. Davis completed a takedown but Rashad was able to scramble out and regain his feet.

As the fourth round opened up Rashad Evans looked to play the counter-fighte role. Davis was unable to press the action as Evans kept him at bay with punches. A Phil Davis takedown attempt was countered with a front headlock. Davis reversed position and secured his own front headlock. Phil Davis attempted a low single but Rashad was able to sprawl out and land punches to the head from the turtle position. With a minute left in the round both fighters looked to establish position from the clinch. The round came to a close with Rashad Evans stalking Phil Davis.

Phil Davis opened the final round with some urgency looking to push the action. Evans was able to circle away and land punches to keep Davis at bay. Davis attempted another kick to the body which Rashad Evans caught. Evans used this advantageous position to land several punches and then hit the takedown. Rashad passed to another mounted crucifix though the position was only secured momentarily. Davis escaped and regained his feet. Huge right hand landed for Rashad which forced Davis to shoot a low single. Evans attempted a trip which Phil Davis defended well. WIth under a minute left Phil Davis nearly landed a high kick. Rashad Evans cruised for the final thirty seconds and the fight went to the judges' score cards.

Rashad Evans entered the fight knowing that a title shot was on the line. Riding a three fight win streak, Evans came into the fight 11-1-1 in the UFC. Phil Davis is considered a blue chip prospect at light heavyweight. He entered the fight undefeated in his MMA career. He was 5-0 in the UFC.

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