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UFC On Fox 2 Results: Chael Sonnen Earns Title Shot With Victory Over Michael Bisping

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Chael Sonnen defeated Michael Bisping by Unanimous Decision. The judges scored the fight 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28. The win earned him a rematch with Anderson Silva.

Chael Sonnen opened up the first round with a fast takedown. Bisping was able to regain his feet but the relentless Sonnen pressed the action and attempted a second takedown. Bisping defended well and circled away. Chael's third attempt was successful and resulted in some ground and pound from Michael Bisping's guard. Bisping was able to get back to his feet and surprisingly he attempted his own take down. He was unsuccessful but was able to clinch Chael against the fence. They released and against Chael attempted another takedown only to be stuffed by Michael Bisping. With a minute left in the first round the two fighters traded punches before another clinch. Bisping attempted a spinning kick as the round came to an end.

The second rund opened with both fighters trading punches before Chael Sonnen attempted a takedown. Bisping defended well and clinched Sonnen against the fence. The two fighters traded punches from the clinch before John McCarthy split the fighters. Sonnen completed a power double against the cage and there was some blood trickling down the face of Michael Bisping. Huge punch from Chael Sonnen and then a knee on the break. Bisping clinched with Sonnen against the cage but he was unable to do any damage from the position. Bisping attempted a single leg but was unsuccessful. With thirty seconds left in the round Michael Bisping attempted a hook kick but it didn't land.

Chael Sonnen opened the third round with a left hand and followed it up with a power double. Sonnen landed some punches to the body and worked to pass MIchael Bisping's guard. Bisping defended the pass with a leg lock which forced Sonnen to reset back to guard. Bisping attempted to regain his feet but Sonnen swarmed his back and got both hooks in. Sonnen transitioned to mount and started raining down punches to the body. The crowd started the "U-S-A!" chants. Bisping hip escaped and regained his half-guard. Bisping scooted his hips back in order to wall walk but Sonnen stayed heavy in his positioning. Michael Bisping stood up and got his own takedown as the round came to an end.

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