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UFC On Fox 2 Results: Evan Dunham Defeats Nik Lentz By Doctor Stoppage

Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz -- Photo by Esther Lin for<a href="" target="new"> MMA Fighting</a>
Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz -- Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Evan Dunham defeats Nik Lentz by Doctor Stoppage. It came in between the second and third round.

Nik Lentz opened the first round with leg kicks before looking for a takedown attempt. Though Dunham sprawled out, Lentz was able to secure a headlock to control Dunham's posture. The two fighters traded punches in the pocked before Lentz got a takedown. He was unable to secure the position as Dunham created a scramble from half-guard. Lentz locked in a guillotine but Dunham was able to defend it and break away. Lentz landed a big left hand before looking for a takedown. Dunham looked for a guillotine but Lentz was able to escape and complete the takedown. Evan Dunham again created a scramble from half-guard. Dunham completed his first takedown attempt and worked from Nik Lentz' guard. The round ended with Dunham attacking from top position.

Evan Dunham hit a takedown at the start of the second round. Nik Lentz defended with a guillotine before transitioning to a omoplata attempt. Lentz regained his feet and landed several punches to Dunham's face. A failed Lentz takedown attempt led to an exchange that saw Nik Lentz land power shots to Evan Dunham's chin. Evan Dunham got the fight back to the grund and locked in what looked to be a d'arce choke before abandoning it for ground and pound. Lentz was able to regain his feet but the damage to his face was noticeable. With the round coming to an end, Evan Dunham defended a takedown attempt. Nik Lentz' face was a mess after the round ended. The doctors stopped the fight because of the damage to Nik Lentz' left eye.

Evan Dunham entered the fight 5-2 in the UFC and 12-2 overall. This is his first stoppage win since 2009.

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