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UFC On Fox 2 Results: Michael Johnson Defeats Shane Roller By Decision

Michael Johnson defeats Shane Roller by Unanimous Decision. All three judges scored the fight 29-28.

Shane Roller attempted an early takedown to open the first round but Michael Johnson shrugged it off with ease. As Johnson came in with a straight right, Roller attempted a quick takedown but was again unsuccessful. Michael Johnson found some success with his punches as he was just way too fast for Shane Roller. On the exit from a clinch, Johnson threw a hard elbow that stunned Roller. Roller again attempted a takedown only to be unsuccessful. Crowd was restless as the two fighters were clinched against the fence. Johnson landed a punch combination and followed up with a kick. Johnson found a home for his straight left which has landed over and over again to Roller's chin. Shane Roller has continually attempted one punch combinations and hasn't found any success.

In the second round, Johnson shrugged off an early attempt at a takedown. Roller landed his first significant punch of the fight with an overhand that found Johnson's jaw. The fighters clinched against the fence and were showered with boos from the crowd. Roller's takedown attempt failed and the fight ended up on the ground with Johnson working from Shane's guard. Michael Johnson made no attempt at passing an open guard and Shane Roller was able to get back to his feet. Michael Johnson slowed down considerably and Roller was able to establish a clinch against the fence. Huge elbow from Michael Johnson on the exit from the clinch. Left hand from Johnson staggered Roller and he followed it up with several more and a kick. Roller attempted a takedown but couldn't complete it as the round came to a close.

The third round opened with a four strike combination from Michael Johnson. Roller shot from way outside and was able to get Johnson's back with a single hook in. Michael Johnson completely flat on his stomach and taking punches to the back of the head. Herb Dean stopped action to warn Shane Roller of the strikes to the back of the head. Shane Roller attempted a rear naked choke but Johnson defended well. Roller attempted to soften Michael Johnson with strikes but was unable to get his forearm under Johnson's chin to set up the choke. Michael Johnson reversed position when Roller released his body triangle and started working ground and pound from Roller's guard with 30 seconds left. Johnson stood up and tried to finish the fight with a flying knee and punches but the knee landed low. They exchanged punches as the fight came to a close.

Michael Johnson entered the fight 1-2 in the UFC after a heel hook loss to Paul Sass at UFC Live: Cruz vs Johnson. He is now 2-2 in the promotion. Shane Roller was also 1-2 in the UFC coming into the fight. He was a notable prospect in the WEC but has been unable to find the same success in the UFC. He is now 1-3 in the promotion.

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