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UFC On Fox 2: Chael Sonnen Does Interview With UFC Fake Belt, Calls Kenny Rice A Liar

Heading into his UFC on Fox 2 bout with Michael Bisping, Chael Sonnen is in his usual fine form. In a pair of video interviews he conducted to promote the show he went above and beyond with the antics.

First up, on his bizarre Highly Questionable appearance with host Dan LeBatard where he not only claimed to be the UFC middleweight champion but also appeared wearing a fake UFC belt he acquired somewhere. This isn't the first time Sonnen has claimed to be the UFC champ.

Then he follows that completely deranged performance with an interview with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani in which he goes off on Mark Cuban, HDNet, Inside MMA and especially Inside MMA co-host Kenny Rice. Sonnen's complaint about Rice? Simple, Sonnen says he's a liar.

That's pretty rich coming from a man who had to give up his real estate license and plead guilty to a federal felony for his role in a kickback scheme, who claims to be the UFC champ and whose bald-faced lies before the California State Athletic Commission were so egregious that he can't even get a license to fight in Nevada.

Both interviews are after the jump, enjoy.

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