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UFC On FX Results: Daniel Pineda Defeats Pat Schilling By Rear Naked Choke

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Daniel Pineda defeats Pat Schilling by Rear Naked Choke. The stoppage came at 1:37 in the first round.

Both Pat Schilling and Daniel Pineda were making their UFC debuts. Daniel Pineda tripped Schilling to the ground and then quickly passed to a heavy mount. He landed several several punches before Schilling gave up his back. Pineda landed punches before sinking in a rear naked choke. Schilling attempted to defend the choke by standing up but Pineda rode his back and then finished the fight with the choke forcing Schilling to tap.

Daniel Pineda entered the fight 15-7 in his career. Mostly fighting on the Texas regional scene, Pineda came into the fight on a five fight win streak. His opponent, Pat Schilling was undefeated in his career with five wins, all by way of stoppage. This was just a case of a more experienced fighter showing his skills over a younger fighter.

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