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UFC 141 Video: Alistair Overeem's Latest Episode of The Reem

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Photo by Esther Lin for

Fresh off his UFC 141 win over Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem has released the latest episode of his superb online documentary series "The Reem."

If you haven't been watching The Reem, you are missing out. Easily the best MMA online video series, and a terrific look into the life of a fighter. Catch up with the full series online at

The Reem Season 2 Episode 9 deals with the Lesnar fight and Overeem's final preparations in Las Vegas, starting, rather pointedly, with Overeem submitting a urine sample for his pre-fight drug test. The episode has a nice fighter's perspective look into those last minute tasks, with Overeem getting accustomed to the venue, taking part in the press conference, and weighing in for the fight.

Overeem has done a masterful job marketing himself over the past few years, and these videos are a huge part of that marketing. Overeem consistently comes across as a down to earth man, dedicated to his craft and confident in his abilities, and this video is no exception. It's also fascinating rewatching this footage now and hearing Reem talk about his plan to take Brock out in the first round, or round 2 at the most. The video wraps up with Overeem thanking fans for their support as he gets ready for what would be end up being the greatest win of his career.

Watch the complete episode in the full entry.

As always, the episode ends with the words "To be continued..." The next episode will presumably deal with the fight itself and the aftermath, and should be a good one.