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UFC 142 Results: Wallid Ismail Reacts To Erick Silva DQ

via UFC. Photo by Josh Hedges.
via UFC. Photo by Josh Hedges.

Following the incredibly odd disqualification loss portaldovtTV caught up with Erick Silva's manager and MMA legend Wallid Ismail to get his thoughts on Mario Yamasaki's stoppage. Initially it was believed that Yamasaki stopped the fight awarding the win to Silva by TKO. When the official ruling was read by Bruce Buffer it was outrageous that Yamasaki would disqualify a fighter after a single shot to the back of the head without ever issuing a warning. While fans were able to see Rogan's reaction, they weren't privy to Ismail's.

Orcus provides the translation:

This referee Mario Yamasaki, he's a clown. He never was somebody and never will be somebody. You have to understand that you are a nobody, Mario Yamasaki, you don't exist.

Silva is considered one of the best young fighters at welterweight and a DQ loss won't kill his potential. Word out of Rio is that the UFC gave Erick Silva his win bonus as a sign of "we thought you won too" which is a nice consolation. Hopefully this fight will be addressed more in the upcoming days.

Video after the jump...

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