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UFC 142 Results: Vitor Belfort Defeats Anthony Johnson By Rear Naked Choke

Vitor Belfort defeats Anthony Johnson by submission. The stoppage came at 4:49 in the first round.

Vitor attempted a high kick and was awkwardly thrown on his head. Vitor threw his legs up for an Omaplata but Rumble stood up and then dove forward with a massive punch that landed clean. Vitor landed punches to the back of the head and then the referee stood the fighters up. Anthony Johnson looks for a takedown and Vitor defends well. Johnson switched to a single and against was unsuccessful. The ref called for a break and Vitor Belfort landed several punches cleanly before he was taken down. Rumble stayed active with punches to the body but the referee stood them up again. Johnson looks tired with a minute to go. Belfort took Johnson's back after a failed takedown attempt. Belfort peppered Johnson with punches to soften him up for a choke. Rumble has covered up well but the choke looks tight. Anthony Johnson tapped and Vitor Belfort won by submission. The Brazilian crowd went crazy with the win.

Anthony Johnson entered the fight with his back against the wall after a failure to make the contracted weight. He fought aggressively because he knew he needed to win in spectacular fashion. Belfort looked great in victory and the Brazilian crowd was hot for the hometown hero.

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