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UFC 142 Results: Erick Silva Disqualified In Fight With Carlo Prater

Carlo Prater defeats Erick Silva by disqualification. Mario Yamasaki called the fight at :29 in round 1.

Erik Silva landed a spring knee to the body that buckled Carlo Prater. Silva followed up with punches and finished the fight in strikes until Mario Yamasake was forced to stop the fight. After the stoppage Prater was pointing to his shoulder saying he was in pain. The replays didn't show how his shoulder was injured. There was confusion after the fight with many people assuming Erick defeated Carlo. It was explained that Mario Yamasaki called the fight because of punches to the back of the head.

Erick Silva is considered on of the top prospects and it is a shame that he picks up his first UFC loss in this kind of controversy. He was apologetic in his post fight interview. Joe Rogan stated that he will consider this a win for Erick Silva.

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