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UFC 142 Results: Edson Barboza Knocks Out Terry Etim With A Wheel Kick

via <a href=""></a> Photo by Tracy Lee
via Photo by Tracy Lee

Edson Barboza Defeats Terry Etim by Knockout. It came at 2:02 in the third round.

Terry Etim opened the fight pawing out several jabs to close the distance and attempt a takedown. he completed it but Edson Barboza was quick with regaining his feet. Again Etim gets the takedown but Barboze quickly swept and regained his feet. Barboza threw a wild overhand that missed Etim but followed up with leg kicks. Etim led with a hook but he was clobbered with several punches from Edson Barboza. Brazilian crowd with the 'you're gonna die!' chant as Edson Barboza pushed the action. They traded leg kicks but it was Edson's that landed with more power. Etim slowed down after his early flurries. Spinning back kick from Edson Barboza as the round came to a close.

Terry Etim went low then high with his kicks in the first minute of the second round. Edson Barboza looked calm and confident in his commitment to his strikes. Edson landed a cutting leg kick and then followed it up with a jab. That kick has landed for him all fight and it created issues with Terry Etim's footwork. Barboza started to do work with his strikes landed several unanswered punches and kicks. Etim shot from way outside and completed the takedown but Barboza was immediately back to his feet. Barboza landed his best strike of the fight with a body shot that doubled Etim over momentarily.

Edson Barboza landed a big leg kick to open the final stanza. Etim attempted a jumping knee but Edson circled away. Etim attempted a takedown but he was stuffed and then received an uppercut for his troubles. Barboza with wheel kick KO. Etim is out cold and Barboza knew he didn't have to follow it up.

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