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UFC 142 Results: Thiago Tavares Defeats Sam Stout by Uanimous Decision


Thiago Tavares defeats Sam Stout by Unanimous Decision. Scores were not read.

Tavares closed the distance very quickly and tripped Sam Stout to the ground almost immediately as the fight began. Stout worked to stand up and Tavares took his back with a hook in. Stout defends and lands punches. Brazilian crowd was hot for Thiago Tavares. Tavares again go the takedown but again had trouble with keeping Stout on his back. Stout stood but was quickly slammed back down to the ground. Stout walked his way back to the fence and Tavares hopped for an arm-in guillotine. Stout defended and ended in Tavares' guard. As he stood up he was almost caught in an leg lock. Right hand from Stout landed flush as did a hook to the liver. Stout stuffed a late Tavares takedown as the horn sounded.

Stout landed a straight right hand to the chin to open the second round. Tavares fired off some punches but nothing landed cleanly. An attempt to clinch was met with a Stout knee to the body. A Tavares head kick was blocked. Tavares again failed on a takedown and received a hook to the body for his troubles. Tavares landed a punch flush but Stout just walked through it. A third takedown attempt failed when Stout defended. Stout continued to find a home for that hook to the body. A strike opened up a cut behind Sam Stouts ear and the blood started to drip down his chest as the Brazilian crowd sung in portuguese.

Tavares was the first to strike with the start of the final round. A inside leg kick from Sam Stout landed low and Thiago Tavares fell to his back in pain. The kick was so hard that it ripped Thiago Tavares' pants. Tavares took his time to recover and pressed the action on his return. Big overhand right landed over the top for Tavares but his takedown attempt failed. Stout sent a knee up the tube which landed to the body. Thiago Tavares again looked for a takedown but Stout defended well again. Stout landed a hook after missing an uppercut. Sam Stout slipped a punch and fired off a combination with ninety seconds left in the round. Thiago Tavares whiffed on a big overhand. Right hand from Stout staggers Tavares with just ten seconds left. Stout pushes forward but he's unable to finish the fight before the bell.

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