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UFC 142 Aldo Vs. Mendes Results: Felipe Arantes Dominates Antonio Carvalho

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Felipe Arantes Defeats Antonio Carvalho by Unanimous Decision. All three Judges score the fight 29-28.

Arantes came out swinging but tripped up and Carvalho followed him to the ground. Carvalho worked to pass guard and did a good job at controlling Arantes' head. He passed to side control but had trouble maintaining position. Arantes scrambled and Carvalho took his back momentarily. The crowd booed as the Canadian controlled their country man's body. Carvalho got the fight to the ground and quickly passed to mount. Arantes hipped out and landed a knee and several punches. Arantes landed a solid jab followed by some heavy leg kicks. Carvalho tried to find his range but he just seemed stiff in his strikes. Flying knee landed for Arantes and Carvalho caught the leg. The round ended with Carvalho throwing kicks.

Round two began with Arantes throwing kicks to the body. Arantes doubled up body kicks and then followed with a combination. Left hook to the body landed for Carvalho. Arantes threw a combination in the pocket. Jumping switch kick is blocked by Carvalho. Carvalho clinched against the fence. Arantes turned him into the cage and then pushed off. Carvalho found his range landing several unanswered punches. Arantes came forward with his own punches and started to get creative with his strikes. Jumping knee from Arantes followed by a right hand. Carvalho with a spinning heel kick to end the round.

The fighters trade kicks as the final round commenced. Three kicks from Arantes was followed up by a jumping knee. Arantes got the fight to the ground and began to work punches from Carvalho's guard. Huge punches landed that opened up a cut under the left eye of Antonio Carvalho. Heavy ground and pound from Arantes opened up a second cut over the right eye of Antonio Carvalho. Arantes passed to half guard and Carvalho scrambled to stand up. Arantes beat up Carvalho in the clinch and then landed a huge right hand. Carvalho taunts and landed a flying knee to close the fight.

Felipe Arantes Picks up his first UFC win. Antonio Carvalho was making his UFC debut.

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