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UFC 142: Dana White Video Blog, Part 2

UFC president Dana White just tweeted the newest version of his video blog, which covers the events of the UFC 142 weigh-ins. Of course, much of the footage is centered around the Anthony Johnson vs. Vitor Belfort fight, because Johnson was unable to make weight. It also covers a few other things, which I'll briefly go over below.

After taking a helicopter over to the arena for the weigh-ins (and pointing out beaches and favelas along the way) and doing some production stuff, Dana brings Vitor in and explains the situation to him while he's chewing on a towel full of ice. He was given the option of not making weight and starting to rehydrate right then, but he wouldn't get 20% of Johnson's purse. As we all know by now, he opted to be a professional and make weight.

Joe Rogan was almost a no-show and Mike Goldberg was on standby to fill in, but Rogan made it at the last second. Closeups of most of the faceoffs followed, with AJ trying to make sure Dana knew what happened to him and Dana apparently being in the dark about it at the time. The blog ends with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones making his picks for the top two fights on the card. Check it out.