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UFC 142: Aldo Vs. Mendes - Live Results And Play-By-Play For Undercard

UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes Poster by Anton Tabuena
UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes Poster by Anton Tabuena

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes. Our live coverage will start with the singe fight being shown on Facebook, continuing through the FX TV prelim broadcast (8 p.m. ET) and finally through the pay-per-view broadcast (10 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the undercard.

The "headlining bout" on the undercard sees Thiago Tavares take on Sam Stout in a lightweight fight. Heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga makes his return to the UFC against Ednaldo Oliviera on FX. Yuri Alcantara squares of with Michihiro Omigawa in a featherweight fight while lightweights Ricardo Funch and Mike Pyle fight on the FX opening bout. The lone Facebook fight sees Filipe Arantes and Antonio Carvalho step into the cage.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

Filipe Arantes won the opening bout by unanimous decision.

Ricardo Funch vs. Mike Pyle - Round 1 - Some feeling out early and a right hand lands for Funch. They trade knees to the body in the clinch. Big right hand by Pyle huts Funch, he follows up with a big knee to the face and Funch goes down. A few punches and it's all over. Mike Pyle wins by TKO (knee and punches), round 1.

Yuri Alcantara vs. Michihiro Omigawa - Round 1 - Knee to the body of Omigawa. Left hand by Alcantara now. Left hand by Alcantara knocks Omigawa backward. Omigawa with a left hand and a spinning backfist attempt that comes up short. Alcantara is getting in with straight punches using his reach. Another one-two combination for Alcantara lands. Spinning back elbow by Alcantara lands hard and Omigawa is hurt. He follows him to the ground and is pounding away from the back but Omigawa survives and turns into him to be on top. Omigawa not doing a lot from the top now. Alcantara with an armbar attempt out of nowhere but the round ends beore he can tap. 10-9 Alcantara.

Round 2 - Omigawa actually throw the left hand that was injured. Alcantara lands hard and hurts him again and now is on top on the ground. Omigawa is trying to hip his way out. Omigawa tried to take a leg and Alcantara moved to mount and then takes the back. After pounding away it looked like Alcantara had the choke locked in but Omigawa popped free again. Alcantara isn't doing a ton of damage but he's really controlling where the fight takes place this round. 10-9 Alcantara.

Round 3 - They're trading on the feet but Alcantara is landing on him. Maybe Omigawa's injured arm from the armbar has something to do with that. Alcantara with a head kick that is blocked. Omigawa lands a left and Alcantara fires back. Elbow in the clinch by Omigawa and then he gets a takedown. Omigawa on top here but not doing nearly enough given the situation. Now he postures up and lands a few punches. Omigawa is grinding away and it's a nice way to win a round, but not a fight when you're already clearly down 20-18 if not 20-17. They're stood up by the ref, Omigawa tries for a takedown, Alcantara keeps his balance and ends up in mount. 10-9 Omigawa I guess but clearly Alcantara's fight.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 Yuri Alcantara wins by unanimous decision.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ednaldo Oliveira - Round 1 - Both men feint a little early but haven't pulled the triger for the first 40 seconds. Oliviera has shown a pawing jab a few times. Right hand by Oliviera lands. Gonzaga shoots and gets a takedown into side control. Elbow and now he spins and has the back. Oliviera stands up but Gonzaga trips him back to the ground. Knee to the body by Gonzaga. Now He transitions to the back and sinks in a deep rear naked choke. Oliviera taps and he just got trucked. Gabriel Gonzaga wins by submission (rear naked choke), 3:22 of round 1.

Thiago Tavares vs. Sam Stout - Round 1 - Tavares bouncing forard and throwing punches that miss. He pushes Stout into the cage and sweeps out the leg for the takedown. Stout is sitting up against the cage and trying to stand but Tavares is sticking tight to him. Stout manages to get up and bombs with a left hand before they get back to distance. Tavares gets into the clinch again and gets another takedown. Let hand by Tavares on the ground but Stout gets to his feet. Tavares picks him up and takes him right back down. Tavares isn't really doing anything here with the takedowns. Stout was briefly on top on the ground but they're back to standing. Right hand lands for Stout. Right hand lands for Tavares. Left hand by Tavares again. 10-9 Tavares.

Round 2 - Stout looking to land the right hand and he gets it in off the counter. Tavares finally gets inside and clinches against the cage but Stout gets out with ease before he gets taken down. Head kick by Tavares is blocked. Tavares keeps trying to get the takedowns but Stout is able to defend well this round. Not a lot of shots landing either way but Stout's combinations are winning the round for him. Tavares with a decent kick and a right hand that cut Stout. 10-9 round for Stout, but close.

Round 3 Right hand by Tavares gets in. Right hand by Tavares again but Stout lands a shot to the cup so they break briefly. Right hand by Stout and he stuffs a takedown attempt. It's hard to call this action given that it's a lot of feinting and pawing shots withut a lot landing. Right hand by Tavares and that's the punch that is winning him this round. Big right hand by Stout and another big right and an uppercut. Another uppercut. Stout won the round on that late round flurry as it was the best work of the round. 10-9 Stout makes it 29-28 Stout on my card.

Official Scorecards: Thiago Tavares wins by unanimous decision (scores not given)

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