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UFC 142: Anthony Johnson Makes Weight, Fight With Vitor Belfort Is On

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Yesterday, Anthony Johnson missed weight by eleven pounds for his UFC 142 bout with Vitor Belfort. Missing weight by such a large amount created an understandable stir in the MMA community. Given that Johnson had a history of weight problems at welterweight and this was his first time fighting at middleweight, it was hard for many to understand how he could have so much trouble making 185.

Johnson's excuse was illness that forced him to take fluids, thus screwing up his weight cut. Of course, it sounds more like his "illness" was severe dehydration from cutting weight.

The only way to salvage the fight with Belfort was for Johnson to agree to be weighed in again today on the day of the fight and not weigh over 205 pounds. The UFC has now tweeted that Johnson was able to hit that mark and the fight will go on:

Anthony Johnson weighed in today at 204.2 pounds - tonight's fight with Vitor Belfort is ON
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