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Video: Anderson Silva Reacts To Heel Hook Loss To Ryo Chonan

Prior to becoming "Anderson Silva -- UFC Champion", the Spider was 'Anderson Silva -- Struggling Pride Welterweight". For every big win he'd record, he'd find a way to lose to lesser competition. Perhaps his most famous loss was to Ryo Chonan at PRIDE Shockwave 2004. It would be his final appearance in the Japanese organization and most disappointing career loss.

For the entire first round Silva controlled Chonan with a body triangle, sucking the life out of the Piranha. When on the feet, the two competitors maintained an active pace trading leg kicks and knees. The scissor-take down to heel hook is considered one of the greatest finishes in MMA history. It was also the last time that Anderson Silva truly looked human in his MMA career.

Footage has been released from backstage recently to see the emotions that both Anderson and Chonan were dealing with following the fight. Translation below from the youtube page:

Hirotaka Yokoi: Oh my god that was amazing!
Ryo Chonan: He was f**king strong!
Hirotaka Yokoi: And you won against that.
Ryo Chonan: My legs and loins hurts. My head too!

Anderson's trainer: Oh come on, you were just unlucky, you were actually winning the fight. And till today you've won so many so keep your head up and don't cry, you're a fighter!
Anderson's trainer: Is your leg okay?
Anderson Silva: It's painful! Maybe I got an injury?

Ryo Chonan: It hurts, my head hurts. i've never fought a guy like that. His right hook was crazy. With that long reach you can't see his arm, so while his arm isn't in my view, suddenly the punch comes.
Ryo Chonan: Oh I can't drink my sake properly that motherf**ker. Ouch sh*t.
Hirotaka Yokoi: It hurts after you won so that's okay.
Ryo Chonan: It really sucked if i lost.
Hirotaka Yokoi: That was really amazing.
Ryo Chonan: I want to rest.
Ryo Chonan: He (anderson) had so many dried mucus during the fight.

Video after the jump...

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