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Nick Diaz Responds With a Video: 'I'm Sorry I Didn't Make It to the Beauty Pageant'

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Unless you've been under a rock all day, you're probably aware of the Nick Diaz situation by now. He was removed from his UFC 137 welterweight title fight with Georges St. Pierre because he missed two press conferences and went MIA. Well, he's alive and well and chose to make a Youtube video to explain himself. Sort of. He doesn't address at all why he missed the press conferences, but he says he's ready to fight. About 16 times. He filmed the video while driving, on the way from San Francisco back to Stockton. He says he was trying to get on a plane to go to the press conference. He started by saying  that he thinks Carlos Condit getting the fight with GSP is "ridiculous". He went off after that:

"Funny, one second I'm about to come into some money, do a little boxing, you know, f*uckin, probably lose some teeth. But um, I'm ready to get paid, ya know. So, I'll fight whoever, whatever, anything ya know. I'd definitely rather fight GSP of course. Ya know, I was ready to do some boxing, and they didn't like that. So they got me outta that, and they got me in the fight with GSP for the same money, or more money, or whatever. But now it looks like they get to save money, and I don't get paid, and I'm locked in a new contract. All these dealmakers making deals. All I know is I'm ready to fight. I'm sorry I didn't make it to the beauty pageant. But, ya know, I've never not showed up to a fight. I've never backed out of a fight in my life, that's not what I do. So I just wanted to throw that out there."