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UFC 137: Nick Diaz Out, Carlos Condit In Against Georges St. Pierre

Crazy news coming out of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nick Diaz is out of the UFC 137 main event against Georges St. Pierre. Carlos Condit is in.

The video stream for the press conference is choppy, but the word from those at the press conference, including Bloody Elbow's own Chris Barton, is that Diaz missed today's press conference. Diaz also missed yesterday's press conference in Toronto, Canada. UFC President Dana White said Diaz missed three separate flights within 24 hours, though I'm not sure if all of those were to Canada or if they included his trip to Vegas. White claimed Diaz "lied to his face."

White also said that Condit returned his call within fifteen minutes. He also mentioned that Condit cried when he found out the news. 

Cesar Gracie black belt Jason Manly is now claiming on Twitter that Diaz was involved in a plane crash. "@EllenbergerMMA @kcbanditmma his plane crashed bro have some respect! He's safe and back training though.." [Update] This is false. Diaz simply missed flights.

Condit was originally scheduled to fight B.J. Penn at UFC 137. The UFC has not found a replacement for Penn.

White mentioned that tickets for the event went on sale today. He said that those who purchased tickets expecting to watch Georges St. Pierre fight Nick Diaz will be given the opportunity to refund the purchase.

Condit is reportedly on a plane to Las Vegas.

[Update] Dana just took a call from Cesar Gracie during the press conference. Dana relayed that Cesar feels embarrassed, and that he's tried to turn Nick Diaz around. Cesar also apparently told Dana that Nick is hiding and nobody can find him.

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