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Swedish MMA Site Insists Alistair Overeem Is Signing With the UFC

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Earlier today, Swedish MMA site reported that Alistair Overeem hopped on a plane to Las Vegas to sign a long-suspected contract with the UFC. It didn't take long for the Dutch kickboxing champion to see the reported and offer a firm denial, tweeting, "The Swedish website that posted that I'm on my way to Vegas to sign the UFC contract is WRONG!"

The Swedish site is not backing down, however! From an update to their story:

Alistair Overeem has himself denied the story, although several different sources we have been in contact with has confirmed it all.

Overeem's response is a classic non-denial denial. He doesn't deny that signing a UFC contract is imminent, but rather that he is on his way to Vegas to sign said contract.

Because, at this point, the whole thing seems like a formality. During the frenzied of UFC on Fox main event speculation,, one of the largest Dutch MMA websites, posted the following (translated by Google):

The news that we all are waiting for will finally come, as is expected. On the forum of Golden Glory did know that it looks as though Alistair Overeem "the deal of his life going to get," and signs with the UFC! Although not yet officially confirmed, experience shows that these messages are generally correct.

And friend of Bloody Elbow Shane Carwin let loose this little tidbit on the Underground last week:

I had a chance to speak with him (Overeem) at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas (no we were not the big and tall models) and he said that he and Dana were close to a deal and he would likely be in the UFC before 2012. I think he would make a great addition to the roster.