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Brett Rogers Denies History of Violence With Wife

Brett Rogers was arrested June 29 for third-degree assault of his wife.
Brett Rogers was arrested June 29 for third-degree assault of his wife.

Brett Rogers will fight Eddie Sanchez on September 24 for Titan Fighting Championship, according to a video interview conducted with HDNet.

The fight announcement is an afterthought given Rogers' legal situation. The HDNet interview is his first since being charged with third-degree assault, stalking, and child endangerment. The alleged victim in the case is his wife, Tiuana Rogers.

"I'm confident that things are going to be dropped, squared away, and then we can move forward like we say," Rogers told HDNet's Ron Kruck. "We're a married couple. We have our ups and downs just like everyone else."

The Apple Valley Police Department report states that Tiuana Rogers was found with "a golf ball size bump above her left eyebrow, a bump on her right eyebrow, and one in the middle of her forehead, injuries to her ears and jaw, along with blood on her face and a missing tooth. She also had injuries to her neck and back." She initially denied having been assaulted, stating that she had fallen on the ground, but later described to an officer that Rogers had hit her about her head and face causing her to "black out."

Rogers stated to officers that after Tiuana had hit him during an argument he hit her back. The report noted that Rogers was slurring his words, that his breath smelled of alcohol, and that he had admitted to consuming alcohol that evening.

One neighbor reported seeing Rogers standing over Tiuana and "punching her multiple times in the head and face as she lay on the ground." Another neighbor stated that he saw Tiuana with "blood streaming down her face and mouth and what looked like a missing tooth."

Despite these details, Rogers' attorney, Murad Mohammad, believes the state has "significant proof issues."

"The alleged victim is Brett's wife," said Mohammad. "And this is a family that's been together for a long time. They love each other. And Ms. Rogers, at this point, appears not to be willing to testify against Brett."

Tiuana Rogers appeared in the interview alongside her husband. She appeared nervous at times, looking away from the interviewer while providing responses. During one such exchange, she said, "We just enjoy being aorund each other. and we just wanna continue loving each other, loving our family, and just focus on moving forward and being positive."

Tiuana and Brett both denied having a history of violence with one another. Brett added, "Our records are clean."