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UFC Planning to Run Simultaneous Shows In February

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It seems that Dana White has ambitious plans for the future. At Tuesday's press conference for UFC 139, White mentioned to Dave Meltzer of Yahoo Sports that they were going to do something they've never done before - run simultaneous shows. One overseas, and one in their backyard:

"When we go to Japan next year, we are going to be putting on a show at the same time in Las Vegas."

Definitely an interesting concept, but how would it be aired? Meltzer covered that one too:

When asked how the company was going to handle a dual-show evening from a television standpoint, White just smiled and said, "You’ll see."

While Dana didn't give a firm date, it's all but confirmed that the Japan show will take place on February 26th at Saitama Super Arena. It's unlikely that the shows would run at exactly the same time to time differences, but they could be packaged together as one broadcast. Both wrestling and boxing have used variations of that theme for pay-per-view events before. I'm not quite sure how the logistics would work out, but it's an interesting concept, and one that Dana says will continue in the future as well:

"We’ll be doing a lot of that in the future," White said.