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Steven Seagal Reportedly Banned From Jon Jones' Locker Room Before UFC 135

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Steven Seagal just won't go away. It was pretty humorous when Seagal, with 100% seriousness, took credit for teaching Black House members Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida the front kicks that saw them defeat Vitor Belfort and Randy Couture respectively. I guess he thought he would take some of his wisdom over to another superstar, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, before UFC 135. But Fighters Only reports that Seagal got shot down:

"He was wondering if he could come and talk to me backstage before the fight, just give me some words of encouragement. I didn't think that would be a good idea," Jones revealed.

"My training staff works very hard on me. I'm their prodigy. I wouldn't want to disrespect them by welcoming someone else's master into our room, into our house, into our family."

They do report that Seagal had talked to Jones on the phone a few days before that though, which boggles the mind. After the fight, Seagal did a hilariously bad interview with MMA Fighting that is full of crazy. Here's a few of the gems. First, it is brought up that Jones threw a front kick to the face:

"Yeah, him and I did talk about that. But he hasn't learned it yet. You know, I never taught it."

Anderson Silva is a "very close friend" and Jones is "a kind-of-a-friend". Ringing endorsement there. Seagal doesn't want to see the two fight though. He praised Jones for a while, and also praised Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's head movement, but he had to get a bit of a jab in about Jones:

"Jon Jones wasn't himself tonight."

And when pressed about it and told that Joe Rogan found Jones' performance quite impressive, Seagal made the most sarcastic face possible for him (so basically he looked the same), and said in regards to Rogan:

"Okay. *laughs* I'm a fighter. I fought all my life. You can listen to him. Maybe he knows more than me. I don't know. My opinion? Jon Jones is much, much better than that. That's just my humble opinion. Maybe Joe Rogan knows more than me. I don't know."

He then went on to say that Rampage had been under siege all night because Jones was out for justice. But he added that no one was above the law because the octagon was on deadly ground, and sometimes when you're marked for death, you just have to make an executive decision.