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UFC 135 Results: Jon Jones Forces Rampage Jackson to Tap Out

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Y! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Y! Sports

Jones started bear crawling around the cage. Jackson landed a jab and defended the shot. Jones clinched with a full body lock and both fighters battle for position trading knees. Jones landed a big elbow. He stepped away and Jackson took the center of the cage. Several kicks landed for Jones. Rampage landed a hook to the body. Jones found a home for his leg kicks. Rampage didn't check any of them. Jones clinched again and Rampage landed an uppercut. Jones with a spinning elbow. Spinning kick misses for Jones and Rampage wildly throws without landing anything.

Rampage quickly took the center of the cage but Jones kept him at a distance with kicks. Rampage pressed forward and they clinch against the fence. Jones missed a spinning elbow. Punch landed for Rampage and forced Jones to reset. In the clinch Rampage doesn't take advantage of the position. Rampage hasn't found an answer for Jon Jones' kicks. Jones jumped guard at the close of the round to look for a triangle finish. The horn sounded before he could lock it up.

Rampage opened the round with leg kicks. He found success but didn't remain consistent with them. Jones answered with his own and then ducked for a single and then a double leg, getting Rampage to the ground. Jones quickly transitioned to mount and landed several damaging strikes. Rampage hipped out and regained his feet. Jones cut Rampage with one of those elbows. The straight kick to the knee definitely started to do damage with Rampage walking slower around the cage. Rampage tried to finish the fight with a wild combination but just missed Jones. He did land several jabs in the process. The round ends with Jon Jones shooting a double and dumping Rampage after the horn sounded. Super disrespectful way to close.

Jones came out with a sense of urgency trying to end the fight quickly in the beginning of the 4th. He hurt Rampage with a punch but tried to finish with a spin kick. Jones got the trip and then secured the rear naked choke to finish the fight, forcing Rampage to tap.

Jon Jones becomes the first defending UFC light heavyweight champion since Rampage defended against Dan Henderson. He also is the first man in the UFC to finish Rampage in the promotion. He put on an absolute stand up clinic, mixing kickboxing with traditional martial arts techniques to batter Quinton Jackson. Jones is now 8-1 in the organization and has cemented himself as the future of the division. Quinton Jackson entered the fight in tremendous shape and still was unable to put together any significant offense. He found some success but was never able to follow up to put Jones in danger. Jackson is now 6-3 in the UFC and 32-9 overall. Jon Jones will next face Rashad Evans in the near future. Head over to MMANation to see what Kid Nate saw in this fight. 

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