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Bellator 51 Live Play-by-Play and Results

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 51.  Our live blog will start with the beginning of the MTV2 broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

Tonight Bellator brings us the quarterfinal fights in the season 5 bantamweight tournament.  The eventual winner of the tournament will win $100,000 and a shot at taking the belt from champ Zach Makovsky

An interesting twist for this tourney is that featherweight champ Joe Warren is participating, in a determined attempt to hold two belts in the promotion.  He has a potentially tough first fight tonight, though, going up against Alexis Vila.  Vila is an Olympic wrestler with an MMA record of 9-0 and should give Warren a real run for his money. 

For the rest of the card, we have several veterans of this tourney back again for another try.  We'll see Wilson Reis vs. Eduardo Dantas, Marcos Galvao vs. Chase Beebe, and Luis Alberto Nogueira vs. Ed West.

Bloody Elbow's own Dallas Winston has a good in-depth look at the card here.  I highly recommend checking it out.

SBN coverage of Bellator 51


Luis Alberto Nogueira vs. Ed West

Round one:  West comes out kicking.  Nogueira comes in and lands a quick combo.  West is mainly throwing kicks so far.  Nogueira lands a great left, they clinch, and West gets a takedown.  Nogueira is keeping him tied up though, not allowing West to work.  West manages a little gnp but Nogueira is holding him pretty effectively.  They stand up, and Nogueira lands a great left hook followed by a body shot.  Nogueira clinches and lands several ugly knees.  And the round ends.  I give it to Nogueira for better striking, and for West not doing anything with his takedown.  10-9.

Round two:  Nogueira being a little more agressive this time around.  West clinches up, but Nogueira gets several knees and body shots in before they separate.  West is throwing some good looking kicks but there's not much behind them.  He then makes me a liar with a good solid leg kick.  They clinch, and Nogueira has West against the cage.  They separate, then Nogueira gets West down and is landing solid body shots.  Back on their feet.  Nogueira is landing some good punches, then they clinch on the cage again.  Nogueira channels his inner Leben and is breaking out the foot stomps.  West is trying to get out of the clinch, but Nogueira keeps him pushed into the cage.  West gets away, and lands a jumping knee that doesn't seem to do much damage, but it's a flashy way to end the round.  Again, I'm going 10-9 Nogueira.

Round three:  West comes out kicking again.  They trade some good punches, but Nogueira is moving forward more.  West lands a good body kick, then Nogueira comes in with a knee that misses and they clinch on the cage.  They trade knees as Nogueira keeps West pushed into the fence.  They separate, and West is trying to land kicks but is spending a lot of time backing up.  Nogueira is landing some solid shots but West is landing more.  West lands a good head kick, then gets Nogueira on the cage.  Nogueira is trying to get a takedown.  West goes for a kimura but Nogueira rolls out.  Nogueira lands a great left, West answers with a great shot of his own.  End of the fight.  West took the last round in my book, but I give the fight to Nogueira 29-28.

Ed West def. Luis Alberto Nogueira via unanimous decision


Marcos Galvao vs. Chase Beebe

Round one:  Beebe wastes no time moving forward.  Galvao takes him down, Beebe rolls to get away, but Galvao hangs on.  Beebe stands up and is trying to sink a guillotine.  Galvao gets out, they're on the ground with Galvao on top.  He gets an arm but Beebe is out, and tries another guillotine.  Galvao tries to get loose, finally he does.  Galvao is on top now and lands some good shots.  Beebe is trying to keep Galvao away with upkicks but Galvao punches right past them.  Now they're up.  Galvao is landing knees in the clinch.  Beebe gets away, and looks rough.  They clinch again and are trading knees.  Beebe breaks loose, Galvao goes for a jumping knee but misses.  Galvao rocks Beebe with a punch, then lands a leg kick that almost puts Beebe on the canvas.  End of the round.  I have 10-9 Galvao.

Round two:  Galvao lands a good right, then clinches Beebe on the cage.  He trips him, gets the takedown, and now Galvao has a weird side control up against the fence.  Beebe spins out and stands up.  Beebe looks bad, and eats a solid leg kick.  You can tell it hurt him.  Galvao is landing nasty rights , but Beebe has some success moving forward and throwing punches.   Galvao lands another leg kick that Beebe doesn't check.  Beebe is trying to get Galvao down, but can't.  Galvao trips him and gets the takedown instead.  Galvao is in Beebe's guard and trying to pass.  Beebe lands an illegal upkick, but without doing any damage.  Galvao moves to side control and is landing elbows to Beebe's leg.  They stand up.  Galvao ends the round with another nasty leg kick.  Again, 10-9 Galvao.  Beebe is looking worn out.

Round three:  Galvao lands a good punch that seems to rock Beebe.  Beebe comes back with a solid shot that doesn't keep Galvao from moving forward.  Beebe's shots don't have a lot behind them anymore, while Galvao is connecting with some heat.  Beebe keeps backing up, but he's still swinging.  He attempts to shoot but ends up clinched on the cage.  They separate, and Galvao lands a punch that knocks Beebe's mouthpiece out.  Beebe is trying to turn it up at the end of the round but still doesn't have much behind his shots.  He is moving forward, though.  They clinch and Beebe goes for a takedown, but the round and the fight is over.  I score it 30-27 Galvao.

Marcos Galvao def. Chase Beebe via split decision


Wilson Reis vs. Eduardo Dantas

Round one:  Dantas lands a kick that almost knocks Reis down.  Reis is looking very twitchy in his standup.   They're exchanging punches but without a lot of power so far.  Reis is crazy fast.  Reis is trying for a single, but can't get it.  Reis lands a good leg kick.  Dantas throws a punch, misses, and Reis shoots.  They end up with Reis pushing Dantas into the cage, landing knees to Dantas' legs.  The ref breaks them up.  Dantas lands a great kick and follows with a knee to the body.  They trade punches, Dantas gets a good uppercut in then lands a jumping knee to the body.  End of the round.  I give it to Reis, 10-9.

Round two:  Reis is moving forward but is missing with a lot of punches.  Dantas isn't swinging as much but is connecting when he does.  Dantas comes forward with a great flying knee, catches Reis and knocks him down.  Dantas follows up with vicious gnp and the ref steps in!  Eduardo Dantas def. Wilson Reis via TKO, 1:02 of round two


Joe Warren vs. Alexis Vila

Round one:  Vila opens with a head kick that's blocked.  Warren is swinging hard but Vila is out of reach.  Vila connects and staggers Warren, then lands a beautiful right that knocks Warren out cold!!  Holy crap, that was a fantastic punch!  Alexis Vila def. Joe Warren via KO, 1:04 of round one


So, we have Alexis Vila, Eduardo Dantas, Marcos Galvao, and Ed West moving on to the semifinals in the bantamweight tournament.  Good times!  Thanks for hanging out, guys, as usual it was a blast!