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ADCC 2011 Live Results and Blog

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Join me in the live results and blog of ADCC 2011 from Nottingham, England. The event started at 12 p.m. GMT / 7 a.m. ET / 4 a.m. PT.

Also don't forget to follow Patrick Tenney's coverage at MMA Nation.

Quick results:

Superfight Braulio Estima vs Jacare de Souza

A lot of feeling out from the two as to be expected. Time limit is unknown, could be 10 minutes or 20 minutes. Work from the collar and elbow Estima with the first takedown by single-leg resulting in a scramble and back to the feet. No points can be scored in the first half of the time period. Shot of I believe Rickson Gracie looking on from the crowd.

More feeling out from the two. I wonder how Jacare is feeling just 2 weeks removed from his 25 minute decision loss to Luke Rockhold.

Estima again tries to shoot in and stays low scrambling for a leg but Jacare fends it off fairly easily. Estima on bottom looking to grab a leg for a sweep, Jacare contemplates dropping back for a leglock but chooses not to and now looks to hand fight and perhaps pass Estima's half guard.

Jacare stands and Estima looks like he might be going for De La Riva. Jacare is able to swim inside and clear the legs of Estima. Jacare now standing away from Estima on his back. Pause in action as perhaps an accidental kick to Jacare's ribs. Jacare goes back inside Estima's open guard and then back to standing looking to pass. Very defensive measured game so far.

Estima is looking for an armdrag but can't get anything going off his back with Jacare defending well. Estima looked to sweep and then changes to a leglock attempt but Jacare gets out. Estima butt scooting towards Jacare who partly engages. Still no score zone for the time limit which I guess means it's a 20 minute match. Estima continues to follow Jacare around and Jacare tries to pin down a leg without opening himself up to being off balanced by a sweep.

Estima scoots in to look for half huard, changes to inverted guard looking for a sweep but Jacakre fights to hold Estima down and sprawl out enough to avoid being swept. Estima gets a foot and sweeps but Jacare pops right back up so no points scored. Estima continues to hunt for leglock control from the bottom. Estima has a figure-four grip on the leg but is too high for any finish, tries a sweep again. Jacare stays on his feet with Estima still scooting, looks for inverted guard and possible inverted triangle. Jacare out again, Estima still scooting.

Jacare hasn't offered anything offensive compared to Estima. Jacare down into Estima's closed guard. Estima locks an omoplata transition into a kneebar attempt. Score is still 0-0. 50/50 guard temporarily until Jacare backs out. Jacare complains again that he got popped in the ribs. Referee gets Jacare to take shirt off as deemed too baggy. Weird.

Jacare looking to pass guard but unable, Estima tries a sweep into a takedown but can't finish. Ref calls a short grab against Estima and a warning. Estima still scooting against Jacare. Regulation time ends with a 0-0 score so far. We're now in the points scoring zone.

Estima now no longer to scoot, and no longer to pull guard without at least 3 seconds attempting a genuine takedown. Both start looking for collar and wrist control. Estima eventually shoots for a single leg then switches to the other leg but Jacare able to get hips back and work his way out.

Jacare scores a power double leg takedown though they end up out of bounds. Still 0-0. Reset in the middle Jacare had the back standing but pushes off. On the mat and Jacare is looking to pass Estima's guard. Reset back in the middle, Jacare's ribs are still bothering him. Back in the open guard and Estima is working 50/50 sweeps and takes the back looking to get a hook in now he has both hooks but unclear if it was long enough as Jacare spins into guard. Estima scores backpoints 3-0 which Jacare disagrees with. Jacare inside Estima's guard and now must look to score points or submit.

Estima looks for inverted guard briefly but settles on a shallow half guard. Back to inverted looking for a sweep but time runs out and Estima for the first time has beaten Jacare by points 3-0, all coming down to his sweep to the back and getting hooks in just long enough. Braulio Estima def Jacare de Souza by points.

Round 2 Quarter Finals

Men's Under 99KGs

Xande Ribeiro def Lucio Lagarto by Rear Naked Choke

Joao Assis def Braga Neto by Footlock (toehold)

Dean Lister def James Brasco by inside heelhook

Rousimar Palhares def David Avellan by heelhook ... then kneebar.

Rafael Lovato def Kyle Griffin by triangle

Pablo Popvitch def Sergio Moraes ny points

Andre Galvao def Gunnar Nelson by Points

Marcelo Garcia def Victor Estima by Marcelotine (in 30 seconds)

Kron Gracie def Murilo Santana by points

Claudio Calasans drf Augusto Mendes by points

Rafa Mendes def Justin Rader by Rear Naked Choke.

Rubens Cobrinha def Barret Yoshida by points

Leo Viera def JT Torres on points.

Robson Moura def Ryan Hall by points

Jeff Glover def Marko Ramos by Brabo Choke (D'arce Choke).

Men's Over 99KGs

Fabricio Werdum def Jeff Monson by armbar

Cyborg Abreu def Glover Texeira by Points.

Vinny Magalhaes def Jose Junior Inside Heelhook

Janne-Pekka Pietilainen def Gerardi Rinaldi


Round 1

Womens Under 60kgs

Hashii Takayo def Rosi Sexton by Points

Michelle Nicolin def Yasmine Wilson by submisison.

Kyra Gracie def Sara Svensson by armlock

Luanna Alzuguir def Cat Zingano by Kneebar

Womens Over 60kgs

Gabi Garcia def Davi Ahuja by top Americana from half-guard.

Penny Thomas def Talita Nogueira by single arm Rear Naked Choke

 Hannette Stack def Fiona Muxlowby Rear Naked Choke.

Ida Hansson vs Katrina Weilbacher


Men's Under 99KGs

Xande Ribiero def Peltola via armbar

Lucio Largarto def Shinzo Ansai by points.

Brago Nedto def Praporshchikov by triangle choke.

Joao Assis def James Poupolo by Heelhook.

Rodolfo Viera def Joseph Lee Baize by armbar from mount.

Antonio Peinado def Kamil Uminske by armlock.

Pablo Popovich def Tyszka on points

Lovato Jr def Kwang by Rear Naked Choke

Dean Lister def Ferrari by points

Rousimar Palhares def Dan Schon by Heelhook.

Kyle Griffin def Romulo Barral by points

Marcelo Garcia def Davis Heart by Marcelotine.

Andre Galvao def Don Ortega by points.

Victor Estima def Sashiro Nakakura by Rear Naked Choke.

Gunnar Nelson def Marko Helen by Points.

Murillo Santana def Jorge Britto by armlock

Kron Gracie def Jason Manly by Jumping Guillotine.

Claudio Calasans def Daniel Strauss by Kneebar.

Augusto Mendes def Vagner Rocha by footlock.

Leo Viera def Enricco Coco by points

JT Torres def Clark Gracie by points

Rada Mendes def Bruno Frazzato by points

Robson Moura def Greger Forsel by Points.

Rubens Cobrinha def David Marinakis by triangle.

Ryan Hall def Tetsu Hadairo by points.

Barett Yoshida def Nicolas Renier by Rear Naked Choke.

Jeff Glover def Tom Barlow by Points.

Over 99KGs

Fabricio Werdum def Alexander Trans by Kimura

Cyborg Abreu def Sikene Hideki def by armlock

Glover Teixara def Jerrod Bunch by Guillotine choke

Pietilainen def Rodrigo Artilhiero by arm triangle

Jose Junior def Bruno Bastos

Jeff Monson def Mateusz Juskowiak by points


Marcelo Garcia vs Davis Heart and Andre Galvao vs Don Ortega. Marcelo hits a nice sweep. Marcelo locks up his trademark Guillotine choke and gets the win.

Galvao is starting to score points on Ortega with back control now we're half way through the time period (points only score in the second half of a match to encourage early finishes - in theory). Galvao wins on points.

Victor Estima is facing Sanshiro Nakakura  right now, Gunnar Nelson is facing Marko Helen.

The Braulio Estima vs Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza superfight is expected later today.

Victor Estima was looking for a cross-heel hold (heelhook from leglace) but didn't have it and Nakakura escapes. Estima continues to go leg hunting.

Gunnar Nelson got a good takedown but no points able to score yet. Marko Helen looking for a single leg and to run the pipe. Gunnar Nelson on Helen's back.

Estima just won after a great counter to take Nakakura's back and gets quick Rear Naked Choke. Estima vs Garcia in the next round!

Nelson finally wins on points after a couple of overtime periods. He'll face Galvao in the next round.

Kron Gracie goes for a jumping guillotine on Jason Manly. Manly tries to slam out, but slams himself into it deeper and taps.

Clark Gracie is facing JT Torres now, Vagner Rocha vs Augusto Mendes. Gracie starts butscooting and manages to thread himself into a kneebar attempt.

Rafael Mendes vs Bruno Frazzato up next, both on the same team ATOS, put together in the opening round to prevent them closing the bracket if they were to meet in the finals.

Augusto Mendes gets a leglock and beats Rocha. Viera comes from a points behind to win on points with a Ippon Seoinage shoulder throw.

Mendes and Frazzato are unsurprisingly mostly working from 50/50 guard.

Robson Moura works from a jump guard arm-in guillotine to a Marcelotine after a series of rolls / sweeps. Greger Forsel manages to get out and is trying to survive Moura's guard. Moura gets a guillotine again and flips to mount but Forsel is still able to defend.

Rader vs Hirvikangas up next. Rafa Mendes wins on points.

Jeff Monson who was originally out due to missing his plane, has turned up and is now competing in a match. Very weird.

Monson taking on his original opponent Mateusz Juskowiak. Monson tries for a takedown, and is now on his back against Juskowiak who is trying to pass his guard.

Robson Moura is still dominating his match with Forsel surviving.

Juskowiak is unable to fully pass Monso who has a half guard locked up. Monson is able to get a qusi heep-half guard and use it to single leg takedown into Juskowiak's half guard.

Ryan Hall up next against Tetsu Hadairo who turns up on the mat in a full body silver martia suit. He takes it off and is in skin coloured shorts and rashguard. Very weird stuff. Hall looks to get 50/50 early.. Hadairo escapes and nearly gets caught in a triangle which he nearly slams but Hall lets go.

Robson Moura unsurprisingly wins on points.

Hall coninues to work his 50/50 a lot of rolling to find an advantage.

Legendary grappler Baret Yoshida up next against Nicolas Renier. Hall is still working against a very durable Hadairo. Monson is still grappling Juskowiak.

Hall manages to take the back and score points on Hadairo. Yoshida has a modified back control looking to crossface and open up a rear choke. Hall has a back body triangle which Hadairo tries to slam out of but Hall advances on points.

Jeff Glover is taking on Tom Barlow from the UK. Glover with a bit of gamesmanship turning to his side then his back standing, then does a backwards handstand trip takedown and passes the guard looking to eventually setup a Brabo choke which Barlow defends.

Yoshida is still fighting from the back in a crucifix control looking for a choke. Monson still grappling Juskowiak who is turtled up with Monson looking for an opening to breakdown or submit.

Glover is very casual out there not doing a great deal and perhaps winding down the clock until he can score points. Bordering on disrespecting his opponent but well see how it goes on.

Looks like Monson beat Juskowiak by points / referee's decision. Renier manages to escape Yoshida's crucifix and is working on top. Renier vs Yoshida restarted as officials wanted to dry up sweat on mat. Glover starting to take Barlow more seriously. Renier takes Yoshida down presumably scoring points. Yoshida manages a back take and a choke for the win.

Glover is now on top in mount against Barlow. Glover wins by points.

Gabi Garcia vs Devi Ahuja on now. Garcia looking to pass guard with a crushing top game. Seriously looks twice the size of Ahuja. Garcia riding on top half guard smothering Ahuja until she locks up an Americana.

Penny Thomas of South Africa is taking on Talita Nogueira. Thomas looked for a takedown early on and work inside Nogueira's guard. Nogueira locks up 50/50 and tries a heel hook but slips. Nogueira trying to work an Omoplata. Nogueira now working for a triangle. Penny gets astepover escape and takes the back before finishing with a single arm RNC.

Rosi Sexton vs Hashi Takayo up now. A lot of feeling out hand fighting and collar and elbow clinching.

Kyra Gracie is working an arm triangle against Sara Svensson. Sexton and Takayo stll fighting upright but down on the mat and Takayo is working to take Sexton's back.

Fabricio Werdum is now taking on Jerr Monson in Round 2 of the tournament. Werdum passes Monson's guard and is looking for a armbar that can transition into a back-triangle choke. werdum gets the injured arm of Monson and forces the tap.

Glover Texeira vs Cyborg Abreu who was looking for a footlock early. Vinny Magalhaes vs Jose Junior in a toehold war until transitioning into a 50/50 war. Cyborg Abreau looking for a triangle that Texeira slips out of. Magalhaes looking for a inside heelhook and taps out Jose Junior.

Abreu is still triangle hunting against Texeira, Xande Ribeiro faces off against Lucio Lagarto. Ribeiro looking for work form sit-up guard while Lagarto still standing and hand fighting. Lagarto trying to knee slide pass and throat-posts on Ribeiro. Abreu working his patented inverted guard after some bback work and wins on points.

Lagarto is being warned for lack of action by referee. Ribeiro got a take down, took the back and choked Lagarto out cold.

Braga Neto vs Joao Assis on now. Assis in Neto's guard. Neto tries to triangle and Assis takes his foot and locks on a submission for a quick win.

Dean Lister vs James Brasco on now. Lister with a quick inside heelhook.

Palhares vs David Avellan. Palhares with a big takedown, then a heelhook for a win. Palhares goes to hug Avellan and it's treated like he's attacking Avellan. Palhares trying to explain. Apparently the match is being restarted because the submission was out of bounds. More bonkers stuff with Palhares. he must be the Simple Jack of Submission Grappling. Try to restart from heelhook position. Avellan tries to spin out and Palhares kneebars the shit out of him. Could be an injury. Palhares wins ... again, in the same match.

Marcelo Garcia just guillotined Victor Estima like he was an amateur. Ridiculous. 30 seconds.

Galvao looking for a leg of Gunnar Nelson. Galvao looking for a calf slicer but Nelson defending well.

Galvao working on top of Gunnar Nelson and finally gets a mount. Popvitch standing over Moraes ow both standing and it's gone into overtime.Moraes has an jumping guillotine in tight but Popovitch escapes and both back to their feet.

Murillo Santana looking to sweep Kron Gracie form leglock control. Both manage to get into 50/50 with Kron Gracie looking for a heelhook. Kron Gracie wins on points, Murilo gave up a point for sitting into half guard which counts against your in ADCC.

JT Torres vs Leo Veira and Claudio Calassans vs Augusto Mendes, Rafa Mendes vs Rader on now.

Rafa Mendes hits an omoplata to armlock to back take and finishes with a RNC. Probably the most technical series of moves seen so far.

Cobrinha vs Yoshida up next.

Great takedowns from Viera against Torres. Yoshida looking for kneebar perhaps against Cobrinha but Cobrinha is defending well. Cobrinha is now standing looking to pass Yoshida. Viera gets a points win just again.

Ryan Hall vs Robson Moura up next. Hall looking to work from half guard to inverted guard. Hall tries to sweep Moura, Hall looking for a heelhook. Moura looking to hold down Hall who's still working from 50/50. Cobrinha is still looking to pass Yoshida's guard after sucess earlier. Jeff Glover finishes Marko Ramos quickly with a Brabo choke. Cobrinha beats Yoshida on points.

Moura sweeps Hall but it doesn't appear to be in the scoring zone yet time-wise. Hall working open guard to inverted guard back to open guard, Moura looking to pass. Back to inverted guard by Hall to stop the pass. Hall looking to work from 50/50. Hall works his way up to look for a takedown and a made scramble or reverses and throws occurs until they're fully out of bounds and reset in the middle.

Moura pases Hall's guard to side control, now looking to use the lasso to take the back but doesn't get hooks in. Moura wins on points.