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Kimbo Slice vs. DADA 5000 Being Planned For 2012

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Many people called DADA 5000 a Kimbo Slice clone. After all, he was the next man to take up the mantle of king of the backyard brawlers before a move to turn professional in MMA. While DADA didn't have the pull and public demand of Slice, he is a bit of a "name" in the Florida area.

The inevitable seems set to happen now as DADA says that he will be fighting Kimbo in January. Via the Fight Nerd:

Florida-based street fighter DADA 5000 went on the Rodolfo Roman show yesterday to announce that he would be fighting for the WFO heavyweight championship of the world. Additionally, on January 12 he will be fighting Kimbo Slice in an MMA match on pay-per-view at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, or possibly at Universal Studios in Florida (venue is still to be locked down). DADA learned towards Universal Studios since he said "they would give a bigger purse." Why is this match so big? For the Florida fighting community, both fighters are hometown heroes who rose up from obscurity to top-dollar fighting careers. Bragging rights will be on the line, but more importantly, so will a lot of money.

First of all, I have about as much faith in this fight actually happening as I did Ken Shamrock vs. James Toney. So, I don't actually think it happens. Still, if it does it will do a little bit of live gate business in Florida (the idea of doing it in Vegas is crazy) and I'm sure a few people would order the pay-per-view.

More importantly, I think this says plenty about Kimbo's future. While Jared Shaw ran around claiming that Kimbo's knockout of a guy who barely qualified as a boxer was proof that Slice was "an injection into the boxing scene steroid-free serum" and that he was moving toward an eventual championship run, the real plan is simply to find ways to make money.

There's nothing wrong with that. If anything, it's a much more intelligent way to deal with Kimbo. He has bad knees and is in his late thirties. There's no real possibility that he ever becomes a relevant fighter in MMA or boxing beyond the novelty factor, so hopefully he can use that novelty and make himself some money before he just can't go anymore. If they were serious about his boxing career, they wouldn't halt his progress at this age so that he could go back to MMA to take a fight with another backyard fighter.

Jared can keep playing with daddy's money, playing dress up games like "look at me! I'm a rapper!" and "Now I'm an injection into the boxing scene kimbo-free serum!" But when he sits back and is honest with himself, he knows this is as good as it is likely to get for Kimbo.