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UFC On Fox: Ad Inventory Sold Out, No Plans For Airing Undercard Yet

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Tuesday's press conference in Los Angeles hyping the UFC's November debut on Fox had a few newsworthy items including a potential good sign for the future of the partnership.

Fox Sports president Eric Shanks told the raucous crowd that as of Monday, the ad inventory event was sold out.

"The response from the ad sales community has been unbelievable and we believe that will carry through to next season," Shanks said.

UFC President Dana White was asked about whether any decisions had been made regarding airing the rest of the UFC on Fox card. He said they were still working on that as they have been focusing on getting the Fox show "dialed in".

However, White may have had a Freudian slip as he said the card could air on Facebook or "Fox dot…" before stopping himself.

Last month, White said the Facebook fights would cease when the Fox deal officially kicks off in January as the media conglomerate wants to use the fights as televised content. Could that possibly include

When asked if the co-main event of Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson would make air, White said he was unsure and that they were still working on the show formatting.

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