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UFC Fight Night 25 Averages 1.8 Million Viewers

Image via UFC
Image via UFC

The ratings are out for last Saturday's UFC Fight Night 25: Battle on the Bayou,. and they're slightly below average. While the event was number one on cable among men 18-34 and number two among men 18-49 (behind college football) with a 1.6 rating, it didn't do as well as recent episodes of the show. UFC Fight Night 23 averaged 1.85 million viewers, and UFC Fight Night 24 which did an average of 2.2 millon viewers.

The event opened with 1.438 million watching Alan Belcher defeat Jason MacDonald, and peaked at 1.948 million about halfway through the broadcast. The main event fight between Jake Ellenberger and Jake Shields drew 1.902 million. Ellenberger stopped Shields via TKO in just 53 seconds.

This was the last Fight Night event that will air on Spike TV due to the UFC's new broadcast deal with Fox. They will continue to show prelim specials through UFC 141, and will air UFC 138 live from England.

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