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UFC 135: Ultimate Matt Hughes Hits Stores Today

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I love anthology DVDs. I'm a sucker for the ones that the WWE put out every month and always felt that the UFC was dropping the ball by not releasing their own versions about their most storied fighters. A couple years ago they released "Ultimate Iceman" which covered the life and career of Chuck Liddell. At that time I thought they missed the mark by not releasing "Ultimate Bad Boy" and "Ultimate Natural" as some sort of an anthology trilogy about Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture. Recently, it has become apparent to most fans that the UFC has shifted away from the DVD market in favor of VOD with the UFC Vault. 

Today, Zuffa makes a big jump back into DVD and Blu-ray by releasing the UFC: Ultimate Matt Hughes collection. Covering the career of Matt Hughes, the video shows 12 fights of the "Greatest Welterweight of All-Time". To complete the video, the UFC has included interviews with Frank Trigg, BJ Penn, and Georges St. Pierre who all speak about their clashes with the Miletich Fighting Systems product. The DVD also includes backstage video and never before seen footage from Hughes' fights. For those of you who missed his UFC Hall of Fame induction, don't sweat it. That is also included in this dvd set. 

I've never been a major fan of Matt Hughes but I intend to pick this up. The inclusion of the interviews makes this an interesting piece to add to any MMA dvd collection especially when a fighter like Frank Trigg is giving his thoughts on Matt Hughes. It is no secret that the two were never close and for the UFC to have Trigg as a commenter must mean something interesting was said on camera. 

The DVD is out today and you can pick it up at any store that carries DVDs. The pricing is $24.98 for the DVD and $34.99 for the Blu-ray format.