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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Spars With Larry Merchant Following Controversial Knockout

Larry Merchant: You were in charge of this fight. You were aggressive in trying to take advantage...

Floyd Mayweather: You know what I'm gonna do cause you never give me a fair shake, you know that? So I'm gonna let you talk to Victor Ortiz. I'm through. Put someone else here to give me an interview. Talk to Victor Ortiz!

Larry Merchant: What are you talking about? 

Floyd Mayweather: You never give me a fair shake. HBO needs to fire you. You don't know sh*t about boxing! You ain't sh*t! You're not sh*t!

Larry Merchant: I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. 

Floyd Mayweather: You won't do sh*t!

The Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz fight ended in a bit of controversy tonight. After a blatant head butt by Ortiz and a subsequent point deduction, Floyd Mayweather caught Ortiz with two clean punches that ended the fight. The referee never pointed Mayweather to a neutral corner and never called for the action to resume.

In the post fight interview, Larry Merchant tried unsuccessfully to get Floyd Mayweather to own up to his questionable actions. Instead, Mayweather fell into promoter mode and thanked for the fans for purchasing the pay per view and flying out to Vegas to pay for the card. When Merchant pressed on, the above interaction occurred. In Floyd's defense, Merchant has not been his biggest supporter. However, to tell a broadcaster with over 30 years of experience that he doesn't know anything about the sport he covers is a bit over the top. The entire interview reminds me of a professional wrestling style promo. Mayweather cements himself as the mega-heel and now there is a legitimate need for the Manny Pacquiao fight to occur. 

HT: ZombieProphet