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Jake Ellenberger Knocks Out Jake Shields Early

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Jake Ellenberger picked up the biggest win of his career over Jake Shields in the main event of UFC Fight Night 25, and it came in less than one minute. Ellenberger landed two huge knees that crumpled Shields, then jumped on him and landed a litany of shots until the referee was forced to jump in. Shields was so out of it that he tried to grapple the referee after the fight was stopped.

Shields pawed with a jab early, and Ellenberger came out throwing power shots. Shields ducked under a big shot and had a solid double, but couldn't get him down. Ellenberger then threw two big punches, both of which missed. Shields came forward but was pulled down into a knee, then another that completely crumpled him. An Ellenberger swarming ended the fight a few seconds later.

Shields, the former Strikeforce middleweight champion, was entering the fight coming off a loss to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 129, and had to deal with the recent death of his father and manager Jack Shields. Ellenberger entered the fight on a four-fight winning streak and was 5-1 overall in the UFC.

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