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UFC Fight Night 25 Results: Court McGee Takes Decision Win Over Dongi Yang

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Court McGee used a solid all-round game and great conditioning to pull out a decision victory over Dongi Yang in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 25. The scores were 30-27, 29-28, 30-28. The first two rounds were pretty uneventful, but the third round more than made up for that with a Yang knockdown, McGee takedowns, and a close call on a guillotine in the final seconds.

The fighters got off to a fairly slow start, mostly winging right hooks and missing. After three minutes, neither fighter had landed anything appreciable. They switched to kicks, which Yang got the better of. Court switched it up and threw a few high kicks, and was definitely the fighter that was coming forward, but he didn't land anything too scary. Yang tried to grab the leg kicks, but kept missing. McGee flurried late, and probably took the round.

The second opened with the fighters exchanging punches that actually landed. McGee's inside leg kicks started to land with more frequency. McGee pushed Yang against the cage, but there was nothing there. Yang landed a nice two-punch counter and a couple of reaching straight lefts. Yang landed two very solid shots up the middle, but Court wasn't bothered by them. A straight jab from Yang landed as the crowd started to boo with two minutes left. McGee shot in and tried to drag Yang down, but failed. Yang responded with an inside leg kick and solid right. McGee threw two question mark kicks that landed partially, but it didn't seem to be enough to take the round.

It seemed to be anybody's fight going into the third, and both came out aggressive. Yang landed with a straight jab and left hook, while McGee went back to the question mark kick without success. Yang started connecting with the leg kick a little more, and then he landed a huge left hand that sent McGee sprawling across the cage. He charged in with a flying knee that didn't land, and took McGee's back, but McGee came up with a big shot that bloodied Yang's nose. Yang looked tired and Court pressed forward but other than a few light uppercuts here and there, McGee wasn't taking advantage. Court shot with 90 seconds to go and got stopped in his tracks. McGee got a takedown directly into mount with a minute to go, but Yang was back up within five seconds. McGee shot again and got the takedown on a tired Yang late, dropped some elbows, and cinched up a guillotine. Yang popped out though, and the final bell went. The last round definitely made up for the first two.

Dongi Yang was entering his third bout in the UFC. He lost his first bout to Chris Camozzi by split decision, but rebounded with a TKO win over Rob Kimmons. Court McGee was the TUF 11 winner and was coming off a couple of injuries that had kept him on the shelf for an extended period of time.

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