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B.J. Penn Squashes UFC Video 'Controversy'

B.J. Penn doesn't understand how the situation he created grew so big. <em>Photo by Dave Mandel for <a href="" target="new"></a></em>
B.J. Penn doesn't understand how the situation he created grew so big. Photo by Dave Mandel for

Remember that weird business between B.J. Penn and the UFC? Penn thought the UFC was trying to force him to say Nick Diaz's name, UFC President Dana White countered with "raw and uncut" footage in the UFC's defense, and Penn re-countered with footage of some UFC man egging him on (which I later found out was shot before Penn's fight with Kenny Florian). Yeah, that ain't no thing now.

Penn released a statement through

I have no idea how this UFC interviewer situation got this big. I never wanted to attack the UFC, people were calling and telling me Diaz wasn't going to sign and I got paranoid thinking they were going to use that clip to get him to sign the contract, my bad.

Both videos released by Penn's camp have been removed from Youtube by the user.

I enjoy Penn's shock at the growth of the story. It really makes one wonder how his complaint, one that seemed odd from the start, spread throughout the media, considering Penn released not one, but two videos on his own accord.

Penn also did his best Georges St. Pierre at the end of the statement:

The real truth is, I'm not focusing on this at all, this is not important, whats important is fighting Nick Diaz at UFC 137. He will be by far the most dangerous opponent I have ever stepped inside the octagon with.