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UFC 137: BJ Penn Says 'UFC Made Me Trash Talk Nick Diaz'

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The saga of UFC 137 has been covered since Nick Diaz failed to attend the press conference in Vegas. The failure forced UFC President Dana White's hand and he pulled Nick from the title fight with Georges St. Pierre and replaced him with Carlos Condit. Diaz would remain on the card, replacing Condit against B.J. Penn in the co-main event. This decision has been received with mixed emotions from fans. Most were excited for the Diaz vs St. Pierre and Condit vs Penn match ups and felt cheated when the cards were changed.

B.J. Penn threw a wrench in the promotional plans of Zuffa by posting this video on twitter last night claiming that the UFC has attempted to create false "heat" between the Hawaiian and the 209 bad boy. B.J.'s fear is that Diaz will see the video and believe that there really isn't a mutual respect. For those that are unaware, at one point B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz trained together. While they didn't remain friends, they did maintain a respect for one another and this could definitely create some unwanted and unnecessary drama for the two elite welterweight fighters.