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Dan Henderson Would Like to Fight For Both Strikeforce and the UFC

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Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson did a long interview with Clinch Gear Radio a couple of days ago that covered a wide variety of subjects over the 15 minutes or so. Everything from fighting for Strikeforce, to possible UFC opponents, to fighting Fedor Emelianenko was covered. Here are some of the highlights, which were transcribed by our friends over at Cage Potato:

His thoughts on Fedor saying that Hendo's win over him was stopped early:

"I wasn’t disappointed at all [when he said the fight was stopped early]. I think at the time that the ref finally pushed me all the way off he started to kind of come to a little bit, but had the ref not gotten involved at all, he would have been knocked out. I can see his point, but it doesn’t disappoint me at all. I know the position I had him in and I know that with him falling face-first out cold for a second or two, I think the ref definitely made the right call. I just think that he should have been a little more aggressive getting me off of him."

On who he could still fight in Strikeforce:

"I definitely feel that there’s still the possibility for me to defend that belt in Strikforce, but I think now that the UFC has bought Strikeforce and they need to make money and I need to make money, so we’ll see what happens. I’d like to work out a deal where I’m fighting in both promotions."

On whether he was ever close to fighting Anderson Silva on the UFC on Fox card:

"You’d have to ask Anderson Silva’s camp, but I don’t think it was close at all because I don’t think he wants to fight me. It was something that was talked about and I said, ‘Sure, no problem. I’d do that.’ I’d cut down to 185 to fight him, but nobody else."

Is Anderson the rematch he wants most?

"Probably. Especially the way he fights most the time. He’s disrespectful to his opponents and the fans at the same time."

When he expects to figure out a deal:

"I’m sure we’ll figure out a deal within the next month, two weeks. I would love to be able to fight in the UFC and defend my belt in Strikeforce."

You can catch the whole interview after the jump, which includes his thoughts on the UFC on Fox deal, how pay-per-view bonuses and money will affect where he wants to fight, possibly fighting Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, and a lot more.