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Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov Salaries - Barnett Leads With 150k

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The Ohio Athletic Commission released the fighter salaries from the Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov event that went down on Saturday, and let's be real here -- a lot of these guys are making good money. Not to go off on an editorial tangent or anything, but I doubt some of these guys would be making the money they do if they were fighting under the UFC banner. But we'll save that argument for another day. Josh Barnett led the way by making $150,000 for his win over Sergei Kharitonov, while all three of the other GP fighters made $100,000. Five other fighters made over $40,000 as well. Here's the full rundown:

Josh Barnett $150,000 (no win bonus)
Sergei Kharitonov $100,000

Daniel Cormier $100,000 (includes $50,000 win bonus)
Antonio Silva $100,000

Luke Rockhold $50,000 ($25,000 win bonus)
Ronaldo Souza $70,000

Muhammed Lawal $85,000 (no win bonus)
Roger Gracie $80,000

Pat Healy $17,500 ($5,000 win bonus)
Maximo Blanco $13,000

Mike Kyle $44,000 ($22,000 win bonus)
Marcos Rogerio de Lima $5,000

Rafael Cavalcante $60,000 ($30,000 win bonus)
Yoel Romero $10,000

Jordan Mein $16,000 ($8,000 win bonus)
Evangelista Santos $20,000

Alexis Davis $6,000 ($3,000 win bonus)
Amanda Nunes $7,500

Dominique Steele $5,000 ($3,000 win bonus)
Chris Mierzwiak $3,000

Total payroll was $942,000.