Missed BAMMA 7? We've Got You Covered With Full Fight Videos


BAMMA 7 took a page out of the UFC's handbook and went live Saturday afternoon (in the States) on their Facebook page.For those of you who missed out your morning British MMA fix, we've got you covered. If you had to work, or maybe had something like a "life" prevented you for from catching the fights earlier today, then you can catch them here. Frank Trigg vs. "Judo" Jim Wallhead headline the card with a co-main event of Paul Daley vs. Olympic wrestlerJordan Radev. Other notable fights were fresh out of the UFC Andre Winner vs. Jason Ball, and the BAMMA Middleweight Title bout between Carl Marshman vs. Carl Noon (worth a look, even if you don't know who they are).


Paul Daley vs. Jordan Radev


The rest of Daley vs. Radev and the rest of the card at Gal's Guide to MMA.

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