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Bellator 49 Live Play-by-Play and Results

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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 49.  Our live blog will start with the beginning of the MTV2 broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

Tonight's event kicks off Bellator season 5, and brings us all four welterweight tournament quarterfinal fights.  The winner of the tournament will pick up a $100,000 check and will eventually face welterweight champ Ben Askren for the belt. 

The tourney quarterfinal fights will be Steve Carl vs. Douglas Lima, Ben Saunders vs. Chris Cisneros, Luis Santos vs. Dan Hornbuckle, and Chris Lozano vs. Brent Weedman

And we're live!  Play-by-play and results after the jump.


SBN coverage of Bellator 49

Steve Carl vs. Douglas Lima

Round one:  They start slow, then Carl lands a shot to Lima's chin that wobbles him.  Lima goes down but lands an upkick when Carl tries to finish him.  Lima ends up in Carl's guard, and trying to keep Carl tied up.  Now they're up and LIma lands a kick to the head.  They trade single shots, no combos.  Lima is landing some good kicks.  He trips Carl and moves to side control.  Carl gets half guard for a second then Lima is back to side control.  They're back up.  Lima lands a nasty body kick.  Carl has been landing just single punches, but they have power.  Carl shoots, can't get a takedown, and the round is over.  I'll have to call it 10-9 for Carl, but I could see it either way honestly.

Round two:  Carl lands a shot that puts Lima down, but they end up with Lima on top and in half guard.  He's not doing much more than holding Carl down, though.  Carl goes for an arm, but Lima is out and up.  Lima's standup is really not looking as good as Carl's.  Carl shoots, Lima sprawls and ends up back in Carl's half guard.  Carl is trying for a kimura but can't do it.  Lima back in side control now.  He lands a good left while Carl is down.  Carl tries for a kimura again.  Lima isn't concerned, Carl lets it go.  End of the round, I give that one 10-9 Lima.

Round three:  Lima lands a nasty body kick, then another, followed by a good combo.  Now he lands a leg kick than seems to have hurt Carl.  Lima lands another good leg kick.  Carl shoots, and once again they end up with Lima in half guard.  Side control now, but again Lima isn't doing much with it other than holding Carl down.  Carl tries for a kimura again.  And again it's not happening.  Lima gets full mount, Carl spins and Lima takes his back.  He spins again and Carl is on top now.  Lima lands a good upkick.  Carl gets some ground and pound in, then ends up in half guard, but Lima keeps him pretty tied up.  End of the fight.  I give it to Lima, 29-28.

Douglas Lima def. Steve Carl via unanimous decision


Luis Santos vs. Dan Hornbuckle

Round one: Santos opens with a solid leg kick.  He tries for a head kick that just misses.  Hornbuckle tries a kick, Santos catches it and lands a punch.  Santos connects with a shot.  Hornbuckle seems to be having trouble finding his range.  Santos lands a combo to the body.  Hornbuckle answers with a series of jabs that don't have much behind them.  Hornbuckle moving forward now, but not connecting with anything.  Santos lands a good headkick.  Hornbuckle moves in, but Santos takes him down.  They're back up now.  Another leg kick from Santos, then another.  End of the round.  I call it for Santos, 10-9.

Round two:  Hornbuckle opens with several weak jabs.  He throws a head kick that misses.  Santos wearing out the leg kicks again.  Santos gets Hornbuckle down and is in full guard.  Hornbuckle doing a good job of keeping him tied up, and the ref stands them up.  Hornbuckle is looking more uncertain than I've ever seen.  Santos' kicks are landing almost every time.  Hornbuckle comes forward with jabs, but they don't connect.  Hornbuckle lands a headkick, then a kick to the body.  He goes for another kick but Santos catches it.  They clinch on the cage, Santos pressing Hornbuckle in.  End of the round.  Another one for Santos, 10-9.

Round three:  Hornbuckle comes out a little more aggressive this time, but so does Santos.  Santos throws a headkick but misses, and falls.  Hornbuckle doesn't try to follow him to the ground.  Santos throws a kick from the bottom and stands up with it.  He takes Hornbuckle down and is in full guard.  Hornbuckle it trying to get back up.  Santos is just holding him down.  And the ref stands it up.  More vicious leg kicks from Santos.  He lands a couple of good strikes.  Hornbuckle is just not looking like himself tonight, his striking is way worse than I've ever seen it.  He has no answer for Santos' kicks or power shots.  Now Santos is opening up, he lands several shots that almost put Hornbuckle down.  End of the fight.  I give it to Santos, 30-27.

Luis Santos def. Dan Hornbuckle via unanimous decision, 30-27


Ben Saunders vs. Chris Cisneros

Round one:  Saunders opens with two headkicks in a row.  Now he has Cisneros against the cage, and takes him down.  Saunders in side control.  Cisneros is trying to get up but Saunders has him pinned.  Now Saunders is in full mount.  Cisneros turns, and gives up his back.  Saunders is landing strikes to Cisneros' head at will.  Cisneros trying to get back up, he spins, but Saunders gets back on top and is trying for a kimura.  He lets it go.  Cisneros sweeps Saunders, ends up in full guard.  Cisneros stands up and kicks at Saunders' legs.  Saunders lands some good upkicks and leg kicks from the ground.  Cisneros ends up back in Saunders' guard, and the round ends.  That one goes to Saunders, 10-9.

Round two:  Cisneros lands a nice leg kick, then gets Saunders down.  But Saunders ends up on top in side control.  He's trying for the kimura again.  Cisneros spins and Saunders ends up in north-south.  Now back to side control, then Cisneros tries to get back up.  Saunders gets back to side control and is working on the kimura again.  Cisneros gets out of it but is eating knees to the body.  Saunders lands several shots, and is working on the crucifix.  Cisneros is doing his best to avoid it though.  More gnp from Saunders.  He gets the arm again but lets it go.  Saunders is dominating this round.  Round ends, I give it to Saunders 10-8.

Round three:  Saunders comes out kicking.  Cisneros is throwing punches but mostly missing.  Saunders lands some vicious knees to the face, Cisneros is down, Saunders lands a couple of punches and the ref steps in to stop it!  Ben Saunders def. Chris Cisneros via TKO, :29 of round 3.


Chris Lozano vs. Brent Weedman

Round one:  Lozano opens with a blitz of punches and knees.  Weedman takes him down and gets him on the cage.  Weedman has Lozano's back and they stand up.  Lozano turns into Weedman and is pushing him into the cage now.  Lozano throws Weedman but he's back up quickly.  Weedman clinches and throws a knee, then throws Lozano and takes his back.  Weedman has one hook in and tries to sink an RNC.  Lozano is trying to stand but can't.  He's defending the RNC well, though.  Weedman is trying to flatten Lozano out.  Lozano trying to stand again.  Weedman has a body triangle tight, and is still working for the RNC.  End of the round, Weedman dominated most of that round and I give it to him 10-9.

Round two:  Lozano trying to come out aggressive again, but Weedman is answering him strike for strike.  Lozano lands a couple of good shots and Weedman might be rocked a bit.  Lozano's striking is more effective this round.  Weedman shoots, but they're back up quick.  Lozano catches Weedman again, no doubt he's hurt.  He's still throwing and moving forward, though.  Lozano is landing shot after shot.  He lands an uppercut that looks like it staggered Weedman.  Weedman just keeps moving forward.  He's throwing but not landing as much as Lozano is.  Weedman goes for a takedown but the round ends.  That one went to Lozano, 10-9.

Round three:  Lozano opens with a leg kick, then comes after Weedman with knees and punches, backing him up.  Lozano lands a spinning back kick,  He tries for another but Weedman shoots for a single.  Lozano defends it well but Weedman will not let it go.  Lozano gets up and throws Weedman, then tries to sink a D'arce choke.  He gives it up and gets half guard.  Lozano landing lots of good body shots.  Weedman gives up his back but Lozano only has one hook in.  Weedman spins but Lozano is back on top.  Weedman has Lozano's leg but Lozano gets up.  Weedman has Lozano around the waist and takes him down, but the fight is over.  I call it for Lozano, 29-28.

Chris Lozano def. Brent Weedman via unanimous decision, 29-28.