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UFC 133 Results: Dana White Impressed With Evans, Disgusted With Hallman's Shorts

Dana White has an excellent interview with Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat, where he talked about a myriad of topics during the UFC 133 post-fight presser. Here are a few of the most interesting highlights:

- On Rashad Evans' performance. "Jon Jones tweeted 'Same old, same old' - I don't know what he was seeing. Same old, same old would be if Rashad came in, double leg, lay on the guy for three rounds, and won a decision. That was far from the 'same old, same old'. I'm a huge believer of ring-rust, but that might have blew my whole theory on ring-rust."

- On Dennis Hallman's trunks: "It was disgusting. I'm pissed off that someone that works for me let him come out with those... It will never happen again. I seriously gave Ebersole the $70,000 bonus. I gave him that bonus for getting that off television as soon as possible."

- On Yoshihiro Akiyama and the possibility of getting cut: "Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I have been terrorizing him to go to 170. He can make 170... I just have so much respect for the guy. He's my Japanese Arturo Gatti. I respect him as a person and as a fighter. We'll see what happens."

- On Vitor Belfort a possible title shot: "It would be tough to do that... The way that fight ended (against Anderson Silva) Vitor Belfort still has some work to do.

- On Chad Mendes deserving a title shot - "I agree. We'll see how it happens with his hand, and we'll go from there"

- Rashad Evans "definitely gets the winner of (Jones vs. Rampage)"