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UFC 133 Results: Rashad Evans Stops Tito Ortiz by Punishment

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Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Rashad landed two quick jabs as Tito walked in. Tito comes forward with his own combinations. Tito looked to be confident in his standup as the first round started. Tito was the first to get the takedown but was unable to control Rashad's hips. Rasha'd got back to his feet and landed on the release. Rashad landed some big punches that caused swelling over Tito's eye. Matt Hughes type slam by Rashad seals the round for Evans who looked early in the fight. 

Rashad keeps his distance and came in fast with a combination. He shot a quick double and was almost caught by a guillotine choke. He escaped and had side control. Rashad used some nice punches to open up a mounted crucifix position. Tito attempted to roll through but Evans showed vastly improved top control. TIto rolled for a leg lock but Rashad stepped through for more side control. A knee to the body by Evans and some ground and pound finishes the fight. This is a new Rashad Evans

Tonight was Rashad's first fight in 14 months and there were many who thought he would show signs of ring rust. They couldn't be more wrong. Rashad dominated TIto for the full fight and was the best he's ever been in the UFC. Rashad is now 15-1-1 in his MMA career and is 11-1-1 in the UFC. He's the legitimate number two fighter in the world at 205. Tito Ortiz shouldn't be put down for this fight. He stepped up on short notice to save the UFC event and he's got nothing left to prove in MMA. He is 15-9-1 in the UFC and will need to figure out what to do with his MMA career. The Bader win was a feel good story but tonight showed that we'll never see Ortiz at the top of the Light Heavyweight division again. 

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