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UFC 133 Results: Rory MacDonald Pounds Mike Pyle to a First Round Stoppage

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Rory was the first to land a significant with a punch dropping Pyle. Pyle got back to his feet and Rory was looking for a guillotine. Rory back to his feet and Pyle was looking for a single leg. Solid right hand landed for MacDonald. Rory got the takedown and worked from Pyle's guard towards the end of the round. Rory forced Pyle to roll and then just started raining down punches and elbows from the turtle position until the referee stopped the fight. Pyle wasn't out but this was a great stoppage by the referee. 

Rory MacDonald is the future of the Welterweight division. He's 22 years old and has shown improvement in every single fight. His stand up and ground game are fantastic and he's just getting better. Now 12-1 in his MMA career and 3-1 in the UFC, MacDonald should be on everyone's radar as a fight to watch. Mike Pyle came into this fight on a three fight win streak and was establishing himself in the UFC's Welterweight division. He's now 4-3 in the promotion and 21-8--1 overall. He'll find himself in the role of gate keeper from now on. 

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