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UFC 133 Results: Alexander Gustafsson Mauls Matt Hamill in the Second

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Alex Gustafsson used distance well in this first round, constantly moving to not let Hamill get set for a takedown. TWo big uppercuts landed for Alex, who chose to box from the outside. The Mauler was working his length well from the outside keeping the Hammer at a distance. Hamill landed a tight hook but ate a couple punches for his troubles. The hook did open up a cut on the right eye of Gustafsson. Hamill just doesn't want to commit to the takedown and is allowing Gustafsson distance to land from the outside as the round ended.

The round opened with Hamill closing the distance but unable to finish a takedown. Gustafsson shrugged off a a takedown and on the release landed a couple punches. Alex landed a couple more punches as Hamill looked for a takedown, which was unsuccessful. Joe Rogan talked about how hard this fight was to score but that's now how I saw it. Alex dropped Hamill with an uppercut and followed it up with some solid ground and pound. Hamill looked out of the fight, not defending any of those punches. 

Alexander Gustafsson looked absolutely fantastic tonight. His boxing looked very improved and was finding his range early. The stoppage is Gustafsson's third win in a row. He's now 4-1 in the UFC and his career record is now 11-1. He was able to do what Rampage Jackson and Michael Bisping couldn't do which is finish Matt Hamill. For Hamill, this is his second loss in a row and fourth overall. His UFC record is 9-4 and in his career he's 10-4. Hopefully he'll get another shot at the UFC's Light Heavyweight division. 

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