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UFC 133 Results: Ivan Menjivar Edges a Decision Over Nick Pace

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

The two bantamweights traded for much of the first minute and a half of the round. Menjivar looked to be getting the better of the exchanges though Pace was working some heavy leg kicks. Ivan Menjivar landed a kick to the groin which caused the action to break. When the fight continued Pace was able to get the fight to the ground and worked in the butterfly guard of Menjivar. He passed the guard and got control of Ivan's back. Menjivar was standing and carrying the weight of Pace while Pace looked for a rear naked choke. He was unable to finish the choke and Menjivar shrugged him off his back as the round ended. 

Menjivar landed a heavy leg kick to open the second round. He followed it up with a big right hand. Ivan Menjivar was on the offensive for much of the second round with some nice combinations. Menjivar landed a nice kick to the body and followed it up with a spinning back kick. Menjivar displayed fantastic thai skills in the clinch. Ax kick like Andy Hug by Menjivar. Nick Pace scored the takedown with a minute left in the round and pinned Ivan's arm to the ground. A final flurry by Pace could have stolen the round. 


Menjivar landed some big leg kicks early in the third. His combinations looked incredibly crisp after 10 minutes. He looked for a takedown but couldn't get it. Menjivar landed another kick low which broke the action. Whenever he did that, it allowed Pace to regroup. Pace looked to shoot his takedown but while he was waiting for an opening, he was taking damage to his legs by Menjivar. A big knee by Pace looked to have screwed up the eye of of Menjivar. Pace stalked to finish the fight but was unable to do so. Menjivar looks to have a broken orbital and Pace looked great in the final round. 


The judges scored the fight 29-28x3 for Ivan Menjivar. I'm surprised by the decision as does the crowed. This fight improves Ivan Menjivar's record to 2-1 in the UFC and an overall career record of 22-8. Nick Pace, though the loser in this fight, impressed with his performance. He is now 1-1 in the UFC and 6-2 overall. 


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