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UFC 133 Results: Rafael Natal Punishes Paul Bradley to a Decision Win

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Paul Bradley was the first to land with an overhand right. Natal answered with his own combinations and a leg kick. Three leg kicks bruised Bradley's thigh and a stiff jab caused him to bleed from the nose. Bradley failed in a takedown and was shoved off by Natal. Bradley worked for multiple leg kicks but nothing came of them. Natal punished Bradley's left leg constantly. Solid first from Natal who showed vastly improved stand up.

Bradley caught Natal early and while Rafael was looking to escape got the takedown. Bradley did some decent work on the ground but stepped out before Natal could work for a leg. Once the fight got back to the feet, it was similar to the first. Natal was able to work from range and punish Bradley's leg with kicks. Bradley was looking to counter punch but just couldn't get his timing. Bradley ended up getting getting accidentally poked in the eye. To the end the round he shot and got another takedown. 


Into the third round it is possible that the fight was dead even. Natal showed success when fighting from the outside but often opted to come inside. Natal attempted a spinning back missed and Bradley dove for a single. Natal was able to defend and keep the fight standing. Bradley was desperately shooting takedowns in the third and was unable to finish any of them. The ref broke them prematurely while Bradley was clinched with Natal against the fence. Bradley finally got the takedown but wasn't able to keep the fight on the ground. The round ended with Natal working his stand up and a smile on his face. 


The fight was decided by the conditioning of the two men. Bradley took the fight on short notice and his cardio just failed him in the later rounds. Natal needed this win and got it. His UFC record is now 1-1-1 and Sapo finally looks to have turned the corner in his career. Bradley shouldn't find a pink slip in his locker as he was competitive for much of this fight and Zuffa rewards those who take fights on short notice. 


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