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UFC 133 Video: Chael Sonnen Picks Tito Ortiz to Defeat Rashad Evans

Over at MMANation, Chael Sonnen talked to Dustin Green and made his UFC 133 picks. The always controversial middleweight predicted a victory from Tito Ortiz, who as of this writing, is a huge underdog at +365. Here's Sonnen talking about the main event:

"I'm with Tito Ortiz. I'm a Tito guy, I'm a Tito fan. I think that Tito handled him the first time. Tito grabbed the fence, they took a point from him and it caused a draw. If he hadn't done that, he would have won the fight. I'm with Tito. Whether he gets it done or not, I really don't care. Everybody needs to be grateful that Tito came forward and did that because there wasn't one other chicken in the light heavyweight division that would do it."

Another notable tidbit from this was Sonnen talking about Yoshihiro Akiyama and the impossible training conditions in Japan. Check out the video below.