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Matt Lindland Talks About Dan Henderson's Lawsuit over Team Quest Name

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Back in May, we brought you word that Dan Henderson had sued Matt Lindland, his former business partner in Team Quest. Hendo filed suit alleging trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and unfair competition in regards to the Team Quest name. Lindland responded with his own lawsuit, basically saying Henderson was never an owner at Team Quest and Lindland and Randy Couture were the only partners. It was a fairly complex set of claims. Today, Matt Lindland spoke out to Sherdog for the first time about the suits:

"I never heard anything from [Henderson] before he filed the lawsuit," he told "I thought we were friends. He never called me and said he had a problem with me. He just filed the lawsuit. That’s not how I do things. You don’t sue your friends."

"I guess we didn’t have the same opinion when it came to our friendship," he said. "Maybe that’s the way they do things [where Henderson lives]. Dan wouldn’t call me before the lawsuit, and we haven’t talked since it got filed."

Apparently Matt doesn't even really understand what the heck is going on:

"The litigation is ongoing and I can’t talk that much about it, but I have no idea what the basis for the lawsuit is," Lindland said. "None of the documents we’ve asked for have been delivered to us, so I have no idea what we’re being sued for. That would at least tell me why [Henderson] thinks he has a case. We’ll figure it out, though."

Strange indeed. It's sad to see former friends bicker about business like this, but it would definitely interesting to hear Hendo's side of things.

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