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Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza Discusses His Busy September in Strikeforce and ADCC

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Strikeforce middleweight champion Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza is going to be a busy guy come September. First off, he's scheduled to defend his Strikeforce title against prospect Luke Rockhold in Cincinnati on September 10th. Then just two weeks later, he'll face Braulio Estima in a grappling superfight at the ADCC event in Nottingham, England. Souza talked to Tatame about Rockhold and his preparation, and a little bit about the 2009 ADCC Absolute champion Estima as well. On Rockhold:

What do you know about your opponent?

Jacare: He has good takedowns, he's good in all areas, he has a strong punch, and he has many KOs on the first round, so I'll have to be alert so he won't surprise me.

Do you believe he'll try to strike with you at all times, since you are a Jiu-Jitsu expert?

Jacare: I guess he'll try to use this strategy, but he can also try to take me down and use his wrestling.

On working with the ever-expanding Team Nogueira:

It’s a blessing to train with the champions. I want to thank Camoes, who takes care my conditioning, Distak, who’s my MMA coach, I want to thank my team, X-Gym, and thank all support I have here at Team Nogueira. Rodrigo goes and train with us, Junior dos Santos too, so we’re like a family, so we’re two teams fighting a guy who has only one team (laughs).

And his quick quip about Estima:

He’s excellent while fighting with no gi, and I’ll prove I still can fight Submission in high level on this fight. Braulio has evolved a lot, but he won’t beat me up.

Souza's always talking about wanting to stay as busy as possible, and this certainly helps with that. I sure hope Jacare doesn't get injured for some reason in the Strikeforce fight, because that ADCC matchup is going to be crazy good and I want him to be 100% for it.